Conflict rig testing in Korea
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The rig ship 'Atwood Achiever', which will drill in occupied Western Sahara in a few months, is soon to travel to the territory. Now it is testing offshore Korea.
Published 29 June 2014

atwood_achiever_400.jpgThe construction of the rig ship 'Atwood Achiever' is finished at the shipyard in South Korea. The vessel has during the last 24 hours been testing off the coast of Korea.

In few weeks, the vessel is planned to travel from South Korea towards occupied Western Sahara, where the first drilling in the territory is about to commence later this year, despite the UN stating it would be in violation of international law.

During the test voyage, the vessel did up to 12.6 knots speed. The rig ship is owned by the company Atwood Oceanics.

The photo below is taken in Boujdour, close to where the drilling on the Boujdour offshore block will take place. The people of Western Sahara object to the planned plunder.


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