Voltalia to construct wind farm in occupied Western Saharavoltalia610.jpg
10.08 - 2020 10:16
The French company plans to commence construction later this year.
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Will Deutsche Post's AGM provide clarity on Western Sahara operations?28.07 - 2020
As the company will not respond to questions about the activities of its subsidiary DHL in occupied Western Sahara, WSRW asks shareholders to raise the matter at the upcoming AGM.Read more
New Indian construction company in occupied Western Sahara27.07 - 2020
The Indian engineering giant Larsen & Toubro erects large energy infrastructure in occupied Western Sahara.Read more

Continental still unclear about future supplies to Western Sahara 27.07 - 2020
While Continental’s controversial supply contract in occupied Western Sahara has expired, the company remains silent on a potential renewal - even in the face of shareholders' questions.Read more
Conflict Bitcoin miner keeps silent on Dakhla wind farm plans22.07 - 2020
The blockchain computing company Soluna set on building a 900 MW wind farm in occupied Western Sahara, does not respond to questions from civil society.Read more

Namibia slams Spain for failing to respect Saharawi rightsupr.jpg
16.07 - 2020
In the UN Human Right Council today, Spain failed to assume responsibility with regard to the exploitation of occupied Western Sahara's natural resources. Namibia is not having it.
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Swiss supermarkets ban produce from occupied Western Sahara03.07 - 2020
The Swiss trade statistics reveal that 2019 was the first year without any imports of fruits and vegetables from occupied Western Sahara.Read more
HeidelbergCement cites local benefits, ignores consent03.07 - 2020
The German cement giant HeidelbergCement states that the company's operations in occupied Western Sahara are perfectly lawful according to a due diligence audit carried out by... HeidelbergCement.Read more

Fishmeal: German government data confirms import controversy02.07 - 2020
The German government has released data of trade with fishmeal from plants located in occupied Western Sahara that confirms figures previously released by authorities in Bremen.  Read more
Turkey: biggest funder of occupation of Western Sahara26.06 - 2020
The value of the fishmeal exports from occupied Western Sahara to Turkey in 2019 may have been larger than the entire phosphate trade from the occupied territory.Read more

These are the vessels that provide fuel for the occupation demo2013_610.jpg
25.06 - 2020
Western Sahara Resource Watch presents all vessels that transported petroleum products into the occupied Western Sahara last year.
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Protesters set up roadblock to stop conflict minerals in New Zealand23.06 - 2020
The pressure is mounting on the New Zealand importers of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara. Today protesters in Christchurch erected roadblocks to stop trucks from transporting the conflict minerals into the local Ravensdown fertiliser factory.
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WSRW urges shareholders to challenge Continental 13.06 - 2020
Continental’s controversial contract in occupied Western Sahara is two weeks away from expiration. If renewed, WSRW asks owners to raise the matter at upcoming AGM.Read more

Norwegian gas transport avoids Western Sahara at last minute06.06 - 2020
A vessel transporting Norwegian gas was supposed to arrrive in occupied Western Sahara tomorrow, but has now steered away last minute, as ordered by the exporter in Norway.Read more
World Bank removed erroneous maps28.05 - 2020
The World Bank has yesterday removed erroneous maps of Morocco that mistakenly included the non-self-governing territory of Western Sahara.

See also: World Bank in discordance with the UN on Western Sahara.
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Russia-Morocco controversial fisheries deal on the horizonrussiamoroccofpa.jpg
27.05 - 2020
Russian and Moroccan representatives recently met to further discuss a new fisheries agreement covering the waters offshore occupied Western Sahara, but a new deal seems still pending.
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Austrian chemical giant says no to Western Sahara trade26.05 - 2020
Two months after gas from a terminal in Sweden was exported into occupied Western Sahara, the Austrian company behind the shipment promises it will never happen again. Read more
Germany thumbs down OCP credit in Western Sahara  13.05 - 2020
Germany's state-owned development bank will not finance projects in Western Sahara.Read more

HeidelbergCement expands in occupied Western Sahara 11.05 - 2020
Last week, the German multinational acquired another cement factory in occupied Western Sahara. Read more
Equinor will no longer export gas to occupied Western Sahara10.05 - 2020
The Norwegian state-controlled energy company Equinor ‘regrets’ exports of gas into Western Sahara and promises to never do it again. Read more

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Morocco occupies the major part of its neighbouring country, Western Sahara. Entering into business deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied territories gives an impression of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities to Moroccan settlers and income to the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands foreign companies leave Western Sahara until a solution to the conflict is found.
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