What is this car doing in the occupied territories?
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The company Prospectiuni from Romania are specialists on geological surveys.

Published 17 April 2009

These photos were taken in the city of Dakhla, occupied Western Sahara, in December 2006. 






ONHYM continues to market uranium potential of Western Sahara

The Moroccan state-owned oil company ONHYM continues to promote the uranium potential of occupied Western Sahara. WSRW believes that the Romanian geophysical research company Prospectiuni is involved in the ground work.
21 March 2012

Bloody beaches: sand, salt and minerals of occupied land

Tourist beaches on the Canary Islands are made with sand from occupied Western Sahara. 

21 July 2020

Morocco carves out new oil blocks in the occupied territory

The Moroccan state owned oil company ONHYM has established new oil blocks in Western Sahara. The illegal programme could double the acreage in the occupied territory.

17 July 2011

Morocco prepares for illegal mineral exploration

Morocco is to dig 2,400 square meters of soil in occupied Western Sahara, as part of a mineral exploration.

16 July 2021