Refugees demonstrate against Western Sahara fisheries

Sahrawi refugees on the Canary Islands on 27 May demonstrated against a Norwegian fishing vessel which was docked in Las Palmas harbour.

Published 31 May 2009

These videos and pictures can freely be used. Credit: Click on photo for high resolution version. 

The fishing vessel 'Midøy Dakhla', sailing under Moroccan flag, has since approximately 2006 been fishing in occupied Western Sahara. The unethical fisheries is carried out through a joint-venture with a Moroccan fisheries company in Dakhla. The Norwegian company behind the vessel, Sjøvik-gruppen, claims openly that Western Sahara is part of Morocco, and works in disregard of the advice from the Norwegian government, which urges Norwegian companies to not invest in Western Sahara. 

An unedited version of the video above can be downloaded here











The following is being said on the unedited version (which can be downloaded on the link above). 

00:00-00:06 "Free Western Sahara"
00:07-00:22 "Pirate ships, leave Western Sahara!"
00:54-00:56 "No to plundering of Western Sahara’s natural resources"
01:01-01:05 "Pirates, leave Western Sahara!"
01:12-01:17 "Thieves, leave Western Sahara!"
01:27-01:29 "The illegal exploitation of natural resources in Western Sahara…"
01:30-01:33 "…. constitutes a theft against our people."
01:34-01:38 "All robber ships that fish and rob from our country must get out."
01:40-01:47 "Morocco, leave Western Sahara!"
01:48-01:49 "Thieves, leave Western Sahara!"

First OECD guidelines process on Western Sahara company concluded

A fishing company operating in occupied Western Sahara and a Saharawi support group in Norway have concluded an agreement under the umbrella of the OECD guidelines for multinational companies.
04 July 2013

Refugees about Norwegian vessel: -Pirates, don't steal from us!

Refugees from Western Sahara demonstrated this week against a Norwegian company which is fishing in the country’s waters. According to the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara, the company is violating international law.

03 June 2009

Trawler in occupied Western Sahara involved in massive discards

Yet again, a fishing vessel managed by a Moroccan ex-general is dumping tonnes of fish in occupied Western Sahara. New video reveals the environmental mismanagement.

07 May 2016

Report: EU-Morocco fisheries depends on illegal occupation

An external evaluation report on the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement 2019-2023 confirms that the agreement revolves, in its entirety, around Western Sahara.

08 March 2024