Something doesn’t add up

Up to 524 square kilometres of Island Oil and Gas acreage are missing in Western Sahara/Morocco.

Published 22 June 2009

In a press release on 19 June 2009, Island Oil CEO Paul Griffith’s stated that they had massive exploration areas in Morocco. 

“Island now holds exploration permits covering a gross area of 48,331 sq. kms. demonstrating that Morocco forms a key component in our future business development strategy”, Griffith stated

But if you add up Island Oil and Gas’ known exploration permits in Morocco and occupied Western Sahara, you don’t get 48,331 square kilometres, as Island stated, but somewhere between 47,941 or 47,806. 

These are the known blocks of Island Oil and Gas:

Zag basin 21807 (or 21.672,5) 
Tarfaya 1 2000 
Tarfaya 2 1966 
Tarfaya 3 1989 
Tarfaya 4 1994 
Tarfaya 5 2000 
Tarfaya 6 1995 
Tarfaya 7 1490 
Foum Draa/ 
Sidi Moussa 12700 
TOTAL: 47,941 (or 47,806.)

Thus, somewhere between 390 and 524 square kilometres are missing in the equation. 

There are, logically, 3 possible solutions to the missing (or "extra", depending on how you see it) acreage. 

1) Island Oil and Gas has a block in Morocco or Western Sahara which is not accounted for so far 2) the source material (published by ONHYM and the companies themselves) is wrong; 3) the CEO of Island Oil and Gas fails in mathematics. 

As WSRW has stated before, Island Oil and Gas has already failed in geography.

Coordinates of Island Oil block in occupied Western Sahara

Here are the exact coordinates of the Zag Basin block, explored by San Leon Morocco Ltd, Longreach Oil and Gas Ventures Limited and "Island International Exploration Morocco”.

01 December 2010

Irish plunderers to merge

The two Irish oil companies that are looking for oil in occupied Western Sahara are about to merge. The firms are undermining international law.

19 October 2009

Sahrawi in Western Sahara: "Irish companies: leave our land!"

The news that Irish oil firms Island Oil & Gas, Longreach and San Leon have obtained a full exploration licence for an area near occupied Smara, has triggered a response from the native inhabitants of the territory. And it\'s not a welcoming one.

24 July 2009

Polisario protests Morocco's oil provocations

While under peace talks, Morocco is speeding up its plans for illegal oil search in occupied Western Sahara. The provocation has led Polisario to protest Morocco's actions to the UN Security Council. Read letter dated 6 July 2009 here.

08 July 2009