The Canary tomato sector hopes EU-Morocco Agri Agreement falls too
The tomato sector on the Canary Islands received with satisfaction the news that the European Parliament has turned down their fisheries agreement with Morocco and hopes that the agriculture agreement, “will follow the same steps and will be turned down once it is presented before the Plenary”. Europapress, 14 December 2011.
Published 14 December 2011

14 Dec 2011

Unofficial translation from Spanish by Western Sahara Resource Watch.

In a communiqué, the spokesman of Fedex (Federacion de Exportadores Hortofruticolas de Las Palmas) in Las Palmas, Roberto Guiriz, noted that the vote in the European Parliament is binding, and thus, that the fisheries agreement immediately has to stop.

“Without doubt, the Legal Services of the European Parliament, regarding the respect of the Human Rights of the people of Western Sahara, and other issues relating to the environmental aspects of the agreement have been determining for its refusal”, stated the spokesman.

Goiriz explained that the refusal could mean that the Agriculture Agreement will equally be voted down by the Plenary in the coming February, give. The agreement has been put in question by various groups of the parliament, since more than 50% of the tomato production is carried out in Western Sahara, and that until the status of Western Sahara has been settled, this production cannot be part of the agreement.

He added that the sector will follow its contact with different groups of the Parliament in order to succeed a refusal of the Agriculture Agreement with Morocco, due to the importance this will have for the production on the Canary Islands.

“How will it be possible to sign a new Agriculture Agreement with Morocco, if the current one has never been complied to by Morocco?”, he concluded.

Moroccan group to intervene in EU Court case about occupied Sahara

A Moroccan umbrella association that claims the EU Court of Justice has never suspended the Western Sahara trade, is now to intervene in the EU Court to support the annulment of the suspension (which the association never believed occurred in the first place). Confused? We are too.
24 June 2016

European Commission rectifies incorrect lobby figures

As the European Commission excerted pressure on the European Parliament to approve a controversial EU trade agreement with Morocco earlier this year, they claimed the agri-industry in Western Sahara was practically inexistant. The Commission has now stated it is twice the size as they said in February.

04 June 2012

King of Morocco to be biggest benefactor of EU trade agreement

A new EU trade agreement that is set to boost the personal fortune of King Mohamed VI of Morocco is facing opposition because it promotes the exploitation of disputed territory of the Western Sahara. Source: The Telegraph, 29 Jan 2012.

29 January 2012

EU Court adviser: fruit from Western Sahara should not be labelled as from Morocco

Labelling those products as originating in the Kingdom of Morocco instead of originating in Western Sahara breaches EU law, the Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice concludes.

21 March 2024