A Saharawi resource watch group established
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'Saharawi Natural Resources Watch', dedicated to monitor the Moroccan plunder of the occupied parts of Western Sahara, was created in the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria 9 April 2013.
Published 11 April 2013

The new group said in a statement 9 April 2013 that its aim is to monitor, observe, report and act against the illegal exploitation by the Moroccan authorities and international actors of the natural resources of Western Sahara."

"Saharawi Natural Resources Watc is mature as an initiative having been throughly conceived for years now", stated coordinator of the initiative, Dr. Ghali Zbeir.

"We have very clear goals to achieve and a very clear idea about the ways and methods to achieve them. Besides, we have all the legitimacy as Saharawi citizens to take this task on our shoulders, and we are willing to make full use of this legitimacy in all our future actions", stated Dr. Zbeir.

The group will "provide national and international researchers, students and relevant institutions with a data base of collected information, reports and datas on the Saharawi natural resources, with a view to raise awareness about the dangerous range of exploitation and the implication of international actors in this international theft and violation of the international law."

The co-founders of the the SNRW elected Dr. Ghali Zbeir, as General Coordinator also in charge of the dossier of companies involved in the plundering of Western Sahara's resources, while Omar Hamadha is in charge of fisheries, Mouly Loud, in charge of minerals, Bachri Boukhari, in charge of Fossil and renewable Energy, Malainin Lakhal, in charge of water and agriculture, and Laaroussi Abdalahi, in charge of the establishment of the Watch's Data Base.

The founding meeting took place in the house of the human rights organisation AFAPREDESA. The group can be contacted via snrw.wsahara@gmail.com.

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