US concerned over child labour in Western Sahara
The US Department of Labour claims that there is reason to assume that children in Western Sahara are engaged in some of the worst forms of child labour, "particularly in dangerous forms of agriculture".
Published 13 June 2013

"Some evidence suggests that children in Western Sahara continue to engage in the worst forms of child labor, particularly in dangerous forms of agriculture" reads the United States Department of Labour's report "2011 Findings on the worst forms of child labour - Non-Independent Countries and Territories".

Children in Western Sahara are reportedly engaged with dangerous agricultural tools, heavy loads and dangerous chemicals. The report also says that sanctions against child labour, as adopted in Moroccan law, have not been enforced.

The only area in Western Sahara hosting profitable agricultural sites is Dakhla, located in the south of the territory. Last year, WSRW published a report documenting how produce grown on the agricultural sites in Dakhla ends up in EU supermarkets. All the plantations are owned by French-Moroccan conglomerates, Moroccan businessmen or the Moroccan King. Also the US itself imports agriculture products from this very same area.

The US Department's report on child labour doesn't contain any specific information about the nature and prevalence in Western Sahara. Yet, the situation in the territory is presented as one of the worst cases of those addressed in the report. For most of the territories under review, there are no accounts of child labour. That is not the case for Palestine and Western Sahara, the former being the best documented of the two.

The report was published 26 September 2012.

Importer in Brazil stops conflict rock purchases

The Chinese company China Molybdenum - which imported phosphate rock to its subsidiary in Brazil - will no longer purchase phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara. 

14 October 2021

Siemens Gamesa insists that occupied Western Sahara is Morocco

The Spanish company today, yet again, refers to the territory as part of Morocco.

07 October 2021

Report: Morocco uses green energy to embellish its occupation

By 2030, half of Morocco's wind energy production could be generated illegally in occupied Western Sahara. Yet, Morocco presents itself as best-in-class on the energy transition. 

06 October 2021

WSRW condemns General Electric for powering occupation

A subsidiary of the US company has signed a contract with the Moroccan king's energy firm for a large wind farm in Western Sahara, consistently referring to the location as part of Morocco.

05 October 2021