Saharawis mobilising against EU plans on their land
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EU plans to pay Morocco to fish offshore occupied Western Sahara. Saharawis are mobilising everywhere to prevent the scandal: in the refugee camps, in occupied territories and on social media.

Published 07 December 2013

Social media is currently boiling of frustration: Saharawis do not want to see the EU cooperate with Morocco in exploiting their fish. Statements by some European Parliamentarians that the Saharawis are going to benefit have been perceived provocative. First, Saharawis have never benefited from such deals in the past. Second, they have not asked if they want the deal to take place - which is a prerequisite for its legality. 

The frustration of EU's plans has led to large mobilisation among the Saharawis:


  • The morning of 3 December two Saharawi activists entered the "Casa de España" ("House of Spain") in occupied El Aaiún, carrying out a sit-in there to protest against Spain's position in the fisheries partnership agreement. 

  • 17 November, demonstrations took place in El Aaiun against the EU fisheries. 


  • At several occasions have the refugees the last weeks protested, here in the Dakhla refugee camp:



EU-funded research back in Western Sahara

A Moroccan vessel carrying out controversial marine research, paid for by the European Union, is again spotted in the waters of occupied Western Sahara.

26 May 2021

Follow our live reporting from the CJEU hearing

The EU Commission and Council are 2 and 3 March being questioned by the Court of Justice regarding the EU's trade and fisheries agreements in occupied Western Sahara. 

02 March 2021

Morocco spends most of EU's fish support in occupied land

Most of the EU's financial support to Morocco under the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement has been spent on occupied land, new government report reveals. 

25 February 2021

Here is the EU Council's legal advice on fishing in occupied waters

Before voting on the new EU-Morocco fish deal in 2018, extending into occupied Western Sahara, several EU Member States asked for legal advice that would determine their vote. WSRW today publishes that influential legal opinion, which appears to miss the ball entirely.
05 March 2020