Kosmos Energy disagrees with UN legal office
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The US oil company Kosmos Energy in a statement this week that it has the right to drill in Western Sahara - opposing the opinion of the UN legal office.
Published 28 June 2014

In 2002, as the Boujdour licence offshore Western Sahara was issued to an oil company, the UN legal office stated that any further exploration would be in violation of international law if it is to the contrary of the wishes of the people of the territory.

In 2006, that licence was tranferred to Kosmos Energy, which is now planning to drill later this year. Kosmos Energy is currently undertaking seismic studies offshore Western Sahara - the last seismic round before the driling in the occupied territory will begin.

In a rare statement to the media, Kosmos opposes the UN legal opinion:

"Even though it’s a complicated situation, we think there is a right course here and that we are on it…. Morocco has the right to issue these [drilling] licenses", Kosmos Energy’s senior vice president William Hayes stated.

“We are not a bunch of guys in Dallas going rogue into the Western Sahara and hoping that everything works out, [...] We feel good about the knowledge base we’ve got, we understand the other side of the position, and we honest to God feel like we are doing the right thing in partnering with Morocco”, he said.

The statement was given to Foreign Policy.

Numerous demonstrations have been taking place against Kosmos over the last months. Some have been injured by Moroccan police upon trying to protest against the company. Exile government has on numerous occasions protested the exploitation plans, both to the UN and to the company itself.

Kosmos Energy maintains propaganda site after Western Sahara exit

Kosmos Energy has decided to keep their website defending Western Sahara oil search - even after they have left the territory.

06 March 2018

Studies continue on Kosmos Energy's block

Is Kosmos Energy undertaking a last survey on the Boujdour Maritime licence before it waves goodbye to occupied Western Sahara? Or has an unknown company taken over the licence? Last week, seabed petroleum surveys started at the place where Kosmos drilled in 2014.

08 February 2018

Kosmos and Cairn have pulled out of Western Sahara

17 years of US private company engagement in exploring the oil potential of Western Sahara has come to an end.

07 February 2018

Kosmos surveying oil potential near Dakhla again?

Over the past 24 hours, WSRW has observed a resumed seabed exploration north of Dakhla, in the block operated by American oil company Kosmos Energy in collaboration with Scotland's Cairn Energy.

26 October 2017