Fresh images: Key Bay inside the port
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Photos and video shows Key Bay inside the port of El Aaiun in occupied Western Sahara, loading fish oil.

Published 07 January 2017

The photos below were taken at 7 January 2017 inside the closed port of El Aaiun. All images taken by the local natural resource observation group AMRPENWS. 

WSRW wrote yesterday afternoon that the vessel Key Bay is about to load fish oil in the territory, most probably for transport into France. 

The "download" links below contain the pictures of the highest resolution of these images that exist. 


Key Bay unloaded all cargo in Fécamp, France

Upon arrival to Ghent, Belgium, tomorrow, the controversial vessel Key Bay - transporting fish oil from Western Sahara into the EU - will be empty.
25 January 2017

A lighter Key Bay is on its way to Ghent, Belgium

The vessel carrying fish oil from occupied Western Sahara into the European Union seems to have unloaded some, but not all, of its cargo in Fécamp, France.
24 January 2017

Here is the Key Bay inside the port of Fécamp

Beautiful images of a vessel with an ugly cargo; fish oil taken illegally from an occupied land; the Key Bay in the port of Fécamp.

24 January 2017

Why the Key Bay imports are not in accordance with EU law

This morning, the Key Bay tanker delivered a shipment of fish oil from occupied Western Sahara to France. But why does that potentially violate EU regulations?
23 January 2017