Statement from Polisario on EU meeting of 5 February 2018
Published 24 May 2018

Frente Polisario's EU office on 9 February 2018 issued the statement below. 

[BRUSSELS, FEB 9] Following recent discussions with officials from the European Commission, Representative of Frente POLISARIO to Europe Mohamed Sidati commented:

“The discussions covered a wide range of issues, from the ongoing attempts to include Western Sahara in EU-Morocco trade agreements without the consent of the Saharawi people via their legitimate Representative Frente Polisario, to the need for the EU to play a more proactive role in supporting efforts to revitalise the UN peace process. We welcomed the European Commission's invitation to discuss these issues; and hope it signals the first step to a more constructive approach by the Commission.

During the meeting, we made clear our deep concerns at the ongoing negotiations to include Western Sahara in EU trade agreement with Morocco, and the absence of a transparent, legal, and credible process to obtain the consent of Frente Polisario, the legal Representative of the Saharawi people. Any economic agreement between the EU and Morocco that does not explicitly exclude Western Sahara will continue to strenghen Morocco's illegal occupation. To this extent, we stressed our confidence in EU law, and our preparedness to return to the European Court of Justice concerning any such matters.

In parallel we reiterated our unequivocal commitment to the UN peace process through our ongoing, constructive engagement with the efforts of the UN Secretary General's Personal Envoy H.E Horst Kohler. In this context, we reminded the Commission of the relevance of developments at the EU to the UN political process, and the need to ensure no obstacles are presented to the efforts of Mr Kohler.

Frente Polisario remains open and ready for constructive engagement, trade, and cooperation with the EU within the framework of international and EU law. A sustainable, stable, and prosperous future for the Maghreb is only possible through mutual respect for international law, justice, the principle of Self-determination, fundamental human rights and values.”

POLISARIO Representation to Europe

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