Polisario press release on new EU-Morocco fisheries agreement

WSRW got access to a release sent out to international media by Western Sahara's liberation movement.

Published 15 January 2019

The release below was sent out on 15 January 2019. 


[BRUSSELS, 15 JANUARY] The Frente Polisario condemns and categorically rejects the signing of a new EU-Morocco fisheries protocol which violates both international and EU law by including the territory of Western Sahara within the scope of the agreement. In the European Court of Justice’s ruling issued on the 27th of February 2018, the Court made clear that any agreement concluded between the EU and the Kingdom of Morocco is not applicable to Western Sahara and its adjacent waters. Our position is clear; The Frente Polisario, as the legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people, will not hesitate to challenge any such illegal and detrimental agreements through every possible legal avenue.

We are deeply concerned by the EU’s conduct in deliberately pushing this kind of corrupt agreement – devoid of transparency and scrutiny. The EU is staking its credibility in order to force through an illegal deal which reinforces an illegal and brutal occupation, cruelly denies the Saharawi people their rights under international law, and jeopardises the UN Peace Process. It is a clear attempt to appease Morocco by disenfranchising the Sahrawi people, and supressing their rightful voice within the international system.

We urge the EU to demonstrate the strong leadership and political courage needed to help resolve the issue of Western Sahara; including by halting all trade agreements which strengthen Morocco’s illegal occupation, and instead using trade as an instrument and incentive for peace. The EU must end its active complicity in maintaining an unjust, unsustainable status quo. The vast majority of the international community trade with Morocco without including the territory of Western Sahara, or violating the rights of the Saharawi people. It is time for the EU to line-up its policy on Western Sahara with international and EU law, and to play a constructive role as part of the growing international consensus prepared to support the UN Peace Process with more than just words.

Mohamed Sidati
EU Representative
Frente Polisario

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