Buying stolen goods is stealing: the Musical

See this great footage of the first ever flashmob musical against the plundering of Western Sahara, in Mercadona-supermarkets across Spain. Mercadona sells canned fish originating from occupied Western Sahara, under their store brand ‘Hacendado’.

Published 13 July 2010

Activists of Spanish support organizations have entered Mercadona supermarkets across Spain to protest the fact that Mercadona’s generic brand of canned fish, Hacendado, contains fish from Western Sahara, a territory illegally occupied by Morocco.

According to international law, an occupying power cannot make profit from the natural resources of the territory it occupies. Therefore products from Western Sahara exported by Morocco are stolen goods. Their rightful owners, the Saharawi, have not seen any benefit stemming from these unlawful transactions. They have been living under the yoke of Morocco’s repression, or on the brink of starvation in Algerian refugee camps.

The Galician JEALSA group, comprising 21 companies, markets the RIANXEIRA and ESCURIS brands in Spain. Jealsa is associated with the Moroccan company Dr. Lhoucine DERHEM. This partnership, called DAMSA, owns a factory specialized in canned fish in El Aaiún, Western Sahara, with an output of more than 33 million cans. Escuris also distributes its products through Mercadona’s generic label “Hacendado”.

This flashmob musical was organized by PAPPS (Platform for Political Support to the Saharawi People), AISA (Asociation of Saharawi Immigrants in Aragón), the Western Sahara in the Olympics Committee, and AAPSIB (Friends of the Saharawi People, Balearic Islands).


Spanish fish processor left Western Sahara

The Spanish canning company Jealsa listened to calls from pro-Saharawi groups and recently moved its production from occupied Western Sahara to Spain.
05 October 2012

Report: EU-Morocco fisheries depends on illegal occupation

An external evaluation report on the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement 2019-2023 confirms that the agreement revolves, in its entirety, around Western Sahara.

08 March 2024

EU Court reaffirms position on Western Sahara

Polisario has a case, but it should be pursued when the time is right, Court implies.

28 February 2019

Polisario files legal complaint against French seafood company

Today, Polisario filed a criminal complaint against French seafood producer Chancerelle for aiding and abetting Morocco in the transfer of its civil population in occupied Western Sahara, economic discrimination and false labeling.

18 September 2018