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Western Sahara Resource Watch depends on your help to investigate and campaign against the plunder of occupied Western Sahara's natural resources.

We are in need of more supporters in order to strengthen our research and intensify our international campaigns.

Donors who support us with more than 5 Euros/month, will receive a copy of our printed reports whenever they are published (in English only). Donors who register at 10 Euros or more will be posted a book in the mail.  

We'd be very grateful if you would: 

- Create a fundraiser for Western Sahara Resource Watch on Facebook if you have birthday soon. 
- Make a monthly or single donation through PayPal. It is safe and easy, and you do not need to register a PayPal account. Small, monthly donations are particularly appreciated.
- Transfer to our bank account in Belgium. Name: Western Sahara Resource Watch. IBAN code: BE37 0688 9150 7728. BIC/Swift code: GKCCBEBB. Bank address: Belfius, Place Jourdan 32, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium. 
If you wish to set up a regular/monthly donation from your own bank account, all banking details are identical as above, except the IBAN code, which then is BE32 0689 4024 7602.