Saharawi syndicalists prevented from undertaking 1 May manifestation
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While trade unionists marched worldwide in celebration of workers' rights on Labour Day, trade unionists in occupied Western Sahara were prevented from doing the same.

Published 05 May 2013

Western Sahara Resource Watch has received images of an effort to organise a peaceful manifestation in honour of labour day in El Aaiun, the capital of occupied Western Sahara. The event was planned by the Saharawi trade union confederation CSTS.

However, the assembled group was quickly surrounded by the Moroccan police, prohibiting them from marching out.

A wave of protests is currently sweeping through Western Sahara, as Saharawi take to the streets in reaction to the Security Council's failure to UN peace mission in the territory monitor the human rights situation. 










Deadly self-immolation in protest of exclusion of Saharawis

A young Saharawi tea merchant has today died after having set himself on fire three days ago. His self-immolation was reportedly in protest of Morocco's economic restrictions imposed on Saharawis living under the yoke of Morocco's occupation of their homeland.
04 February 2019

Morocco grants only 5% of fishing licences off Dakhla to Saharawis

New documentation shows that only 4 out of 75 purse seiners that the Moroccan government have licenced to fish on the pelagic stocks off Dakhla, occupied Western Sahara, are controlled by Saharawis.

27 July 2018

Unemployed Saharawis set up protest camp in occupied Western Sahara

“We have no other choice than to set up a second Gdeim Izik protest camp”, disenfranchised Saharawi protesters say.
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Unemployed Saharawi youth hi-jacked OCP bus

Last week, a group of around 60 unemployed Saharawis hi-jacked a bus from Phosboucraa, to voice their protest against the Moroccan-owned company's exploitation of occupied Western Sahara's phosphate mine.

28 March 2017