WSRW letter to Innophos, 5 February 2015
Published 04 March 2015

5 February 2015

Innophos Holdings, Inc
Att: Mr. Randy Gress,
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer,
President and Director

Request for comments -
Pending report on Innophos’ phosphate imports from occupied Western Sahara

Dear Mr Gress,

In the coming weeks, Western Sahara Resource Watch will publish a follow-up report to its “P for Plunder” report of 2014. The revised edition of the report will offer information about the importing companies, and about the estimated volume and market value of the imports. The report will also feature Innophos, as our research demonstrates that your company received phosphate from Western Sahara in 2014.

Our organisation has sent letters to you on 15 October 2010, 8 December 2011 and 15 March 2014, raising our concerns and outlining our questions on Innophos’ imports of phosphate from occupied Western Sahara. We cannot see having received an answer to abovementioned letters, yet remain most grateful for an answer to previously raised questions. We recap them here and would appreciate if, before February 12, Innophos can clarify the following matters:

1. Has Innophos on any occasion, since its first imports from Western Sahara, sought the consent of the representatives of the Saharawi people to investigate whether the imports are to the wishes or interests of the Saharawis?
2. How many tonnes of phosphates did your Mexican subsidiary import from Western Sahara in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014?
3. Has Innophos entered into a new agreement with OCP since the previous long term agreement expired in 2010?
4. When does the current agreement expire?

We maintain that it is not in Innophos’ interest to be associated with the brutal and illegal occupation of Western Sahara. By refraining from importing until the status of the territory has been settled, your company will help to create the circumstances that will allow the people of Western Sahara to freely and fairly determine their political future, as is their right under international law. Others, of course, have done this, and numerous investors continue to give up or refrain from acquiring share interests in the few remaining companies involved in the trade.

Please let us know if our questions above are not clear, or if you require additional information to respond to them. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Sara Eyckmans
International Coordinator
Western Sahara Resource Watch

Confirmed: Innophos key client of Western Sahara phosphate rock

The US company Innophos admits in its latest annual report to be purchasing the conflict mineral through PotashCorp.

01 March 2018

Norway ethical council recommends exclusion of Innophos

The Council on Ethics of the Norwegian government pension fund recommended blacklisting of the US/Mexican fertilizer producer Innophos due to phosphate imports from Western Sahara. "Particular serious violation of fundamental ethical norms", the council concluded.
04 February 2015

WSRW urges Innophos to answer on unethical imports

The US-Mexican firm Innophos has imported phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara for decades. As a new vessel is this week about to arrive Mexico from occupied territory, WSRW requests again about the trade.
08 December 2011

Innophos' unethical cooperation with OCP has possibly expired

In December 2010, the long term agreement between the Mexican phosphate importer Innophos and the Moroccan phosphate company OCP expired. The trade has been going on for 18 years, and it is not known whether arrangements have been made to continue the cooperation. The firm has not yet responded to questions WSRW sent in October regarding the unethical purchases from the occupied territory.

01 January 2010