South African fishing in Western Sahara denounced
The activities of a South African-Namibian fishing company in occupied Western Sahara have been covered on SABC\'s radio news programme Tam Tam Express. Hear their programme \"A fishy business\" here.
Published 30 July 2008

Download the radio programme here.

Hear interview with chairman of international coordinator Javier García Lachica of WSRW, with José Nascimento of South African Western Sahara Solidarity Forum, chairman Ronny Hansen of the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara, as well as with SADR ambassador Oubi Bachir on SABC radio programme "A fishy business" here.

Tam Tam Express
30 July 2008.

In this week's Programme: A fishy business

Western Sahara, Africa’s last colony is illegally occupied by Morocco. The International Court of justice in the Hague clearly rejected Morocco’s claims to the territory. Approximately 165,000 Sahrawis are languishing in refugee camps in the inhospitable Algerian desert since they fled their homeland in 1975. The Sahrawi population remaining in areas under Moroccan occupation is subjected to grave human rights violations, such as torture, forced disappearances and arbitrary detention. To date, more than 100 UN resolutions have supported the Sahrawis’ right to self determination. In the meantime, the occupier is granting licences to foreign companies to exploit the natural resources in Western Sahara. Tune in to this edition of Tam Tam Express as we dish out a Fishy story……an illegal plundering of the natural resources of a territory under occupation!

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Continued South African/Namibian fisheries in Western Sahara

The firms Etosha/Oceana keep fishing offhore occupied Western Sahara on controversial Moroccan licences.
25 December 2010

WSRW demands Etosha to stop fishing in occupied Western Sahara

The Namibian- South African company, Etosha Fishing Corp (Pty) Ltd, has been active in the occupied Western Saharan waters for nearly a year. Today, Western Sahara Resource Watch and the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara sent Etosha a letter asking them to reconsider their engagement in the area.
21 July 2008

Namibian-South African fishing company setting up in occupied WS

Not many years ago, Namibia was occupied by neighbouring South Africa. At the time, the Security Council imposed legal sanctions on foreign investments and trade in occupied Namibia. On Thursday, South African SABC TV revealed that Namibians and South Africans are fishing in occupied Western Sahara.
17 July 2008

Report: EU-Morocco fisheries depends on illegal occupation

An external evaluation report on the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement 2019-2023 confirms that the agreement revolves, in its entirety, around Western Sahara.

08 March 2024