Spanish fish processor left Western Sahara
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The Spanish canning company Jealsa listened to calls from pro-Saharawi groups and recently moved its production from occupied Western Sahara to Spain.
Published 05 October 2012

Sardines sold in the Spanish supermarkets under the brand name Hacendado are not longer from occupied Western Sahara. The canning company Jealsa, which sold much of its produce in a large chain Mercadona, has announceds its halt of operations in the territory occupied by Morocco.

Jealsa has for a number of years been operating a sardine canning factory in El Aaiun, Western Sahara. These operations are now instead located in A Coruña, Spain.

The announcement was made directly to Western Sahara Resource Watch. Read statement here (in Spanish).

Pro-Saharawi activists have been protesting both against Jealsa and the supermarket chains on a number of occasions all over Spain the last years.


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03 December 2021

SRI update

The following overview enlists stock-exchange registered companies currently operating in Western Sahara. Updated 1 December 2021.

01 December 2021

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In a move that surprised no one, the EU Council has appealed the recent EU Court of Justice stopping EU trade and fisheries in occupied Western Sahara. But Council was not unanimous. UPDATE 06.12.2021.

29 November 2021

Saharawi government launches climate plan

Here is the Saharawi people’s contribution to the global fight against climate change, presented at a side-event of COP26 today.

08 November 2021