Tripoliven: "We do not import from Western Sahara"
The Venezuelan company, partly owned by FMC Corp, stated in a mail to WSRW today that it does not import phosphate rock from Western Sahara.
Published 20 February 2013

"Regarding the information you requested, we can inform you that Tripoliven does not import rock from the company OCP", stated CEO of the Venezuelan company, Mr. Henrique Oropeza, in a mail to Western Sahara Resource Watch 20 February 2013.

Having observed 2 bulk vessels departing from the occupied territory lately, WSRW yesterday asked for clarification from Tripoliven whether the company is importing from Western Sahara.

The company also clarified that FMC Foret, a subsidiary of FMC Corp, still owns 33,33 percent of the total shares of the company.

Tripoliven was a substantial importer of phosphate rock from Western Sahara in previous years.

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