Dimmalætting: Thor brýtur ST-samtykt
News coverage in Faroese newspaper Dimmalætting, 12th and 13th of January 2009.
Published 09 February 2009

Sahrawi demonstration on Faroese TV

Faroe Islands national TV ran the Sahrawi demonstration against oil industry in Western Sahara as main story on its evening news 17 March 2009.

20 March 2009

Sahrawis on Canaries demonstrating against oil search

Sahrawi refugees on the Canary Islands yesterday protested against the Norwegian oil search in occupied Western Sahara. They demanded that the project be stopped.

18 March 2009

The Faroes support the right over natural resources

The government of the Faroe Islands supports the Western Sahara people\'s right to self-determination over its natural resources.

07 February 2009

Dimmalaetting: Thor involved in liberation struggle in Africa

Offshore: Thor in Hósvik has ended up in the world spotlight, after it has been known that the company has worked in an area that the whole world is boycotting. The company claims to not have known about the tense situation in the area, and has now no plans to continue in the area. Dimmalaetting (Faeroe Islands), 11 January 2005.

11 January 2005