Analysis from Sherpa of EU-Moroccan fisheries partnership agreement

Analysis made in 2006 by the French association on the Fisheries Agreement (in French).

Published 26 May 2006

ANALYSE JURIDIQUE: « Fisheries Partnership Agreement », 3 avril 2006 (PDF), par l'association SHERPA, un réseau international de juristes qui développe des activités d'expertise, d'analyse et de conseil sur la mondialisation à chaque fois que ses effets directs ou indirects sont susceptibles de porter atteinte aux droits de l'Homme.


Here is the EU Council's legal advice on fishing in occupied waters

Before voting on the new EU-Morocco fish deal in 2018, extending into occupied Western Sahara, several EU Member States asked for legal advice that would determine their vote. WSRW today publishes that influential legal opinion, which appears to miss the ball entirely.
05 March 2020

EU Court reaffirms position on Western Sahara

Polisario has a case, but it should be pursued when the time is right, Court implies.

28 February 2019

EU Court confirms: Western Sahara not part of EU-Morocco fish deal

For the third time, the highest Court of the European Union has confirmed that Morocco has no sovereignty over Western Sahara. In its new ruling dated 19 July 2018, the Court confirms that the EU's fisheries agreement with Morocco cannot be applied to the territory.

26 July 2018

EU Court advocate: Fish agreement invalid for including Western Sahara

In an opinion issued this morning, the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU stated that the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement is invalid because it applies to Western Sahara waters. Judgement expected in a few months. 

Read reaction from Frente Polisario on the opinion.

10 January 2018