Contentious oil rig moving ever closer to occupied Western Sahara
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The Atwood Achiever, the drill ship that has been commissioned by Kosmos Energy, has been spotted this morning off the coast of South Africa, just south of Cape Town.
Published 23 October 2014

The oil rig 'Atwood Achiever' is owned by Atwood Oceanics, but chartered by Kosmos Energy from the USA and Cairn Energy from Scotland.

The vessel is expected to call into the port of Walvis Bay in Namibia in a few days time. After that, the rig will set sail for occupied Western Sahara, where it will undertake the first ever test well drilling since the start of the Moroccan occupation.

Oil exploration and development in Western Sahara is in violation of international law. In 2002, the United Nations Legal Office established with great clarity that any such activity ought to be in accordance with the wishes and the interests of the Saharawi people to be considered legal. Neither of those requirements have been fulfilled by Kosmos Energy and Cairn Energy.

The Saharawi people are increasingly speaking out against Kosmos' oil programme in their occupied country. Last week, Saharawi groups from the occupied territory sent a protest letter to the company. The Frente Polisario, the internationally recognised representative of the people of Western Sahara, has expressed its opposition on numerous occasions.

The involved companies refuse to listen, and prefer to collaborate with the occupying regime, Morocco.

Kosmos surveying oil potential near Dakhla again?

Over the past 24 hours, WSRW has observed a resumed seabed exploration north of Dakhla, in the block operated by American oil company Kosmos Energy in collaboration with Scotland's Cairn Energy.

26 October 2017

Kosmos expects occupied Western Sahara drill results in early March

Kosmos Energy today announced that it is expecting the first results from its controversial drilling in occupied Western Sahara sooner than anticipated: in early March.
23 February 2015

Kosmos has begun to drill in occupied Western Sahara

On 19 December 2014 , the American oil company Kosmos Energy began to drill for oil in occupied Western Sahara, through an illegal deal with the occupying regime, Morocco. "The company is adding fuel to the fire", stated WSRW.

12 January 2015

The Kosmos Energy platform has left Las Palmas

The drillship Atwood Achiever - which is to undertake drilling in waters of occupied Western Sahara - is no longer in Las Palmas and has vanished into thin air.

17 December 2014