Guidelines for comments on WSRW's Facebook page
Published 02 March 2015

The social media accounts of Western Sahara Resource Watch shall foster constructive dialogue and debate. We will accept comments which contribute to the conversation.

WSRW reserves the right to delete comments on our social media channels that:
* Are posted in languages ​​other than English.
* Are not relevant to the item it comments on.
* Contain rude or offensive language.
* Make reference to a third person in a detrimental manner.
* Are posted repeatedly from other pages or groups.

WSRW reserves the right to block users who:
* Post comments that may be offensive or defamatory, such as allegations of legislative breaches.
* Publish posts that violate European laws.
* Regularly post comments that are not relevant to the content that has been published.
* Use rude or offensive language.
* Present unreasonable/false claims against WSRW.
* Post from fake or anonymous profiles. Comments shall be posted under own profile and correct name.
* Post spam or advertising. Spam also includes repetitive posts copied from other pages or other users, as well as numerous identical comments on different posts.

WSRW reserves the right to delete comments and block users without further notice or explanation beyond that it is either in violation of these rules or disclosure of fake profiles.

SRI update

The following overview enlists stock-exchange registered companies currently operating in Western Sahara. Updated 15 February 2024.

15 February 2024

GE Vernova plans green hydrogen project in occupied Western Sahara

A subsidiary of US company General Electric is partnering with the government of Morocco for an infrastructure project in the illegally occupied Western Sahara. 

15 February 2024

HDF uses Morocco campaigner to defend controversy

WSRW has never received a response that politically propagated the occupation to the degree as the one received from a French campaigner for Morocco on behalf of renewable energy company HDF Energy. 

09 February 2024

Why WSRW will not take part in EU's Western Sahara trade review

WSRW has been invited to contribute to an EU Commission document on trade with Moroccan interests in occupied Western Sahara. This is why we reject taking part. 

19 January 2024