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Published 06 November 2015


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• Link posts denouncing the oil companies by using hashtags #CairnEnergy, #KosmosEnergy, #Total, #Glencore and #SanLeon


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• Suggested hashtags: #KosmosEnergy #CairnEnergy #Glencore #Total #SanLeon #NaturalResources #BloodOil #WesternSahara
• Suggested accounts: @Total @KosmosEnergy @CairnEnergy @SanLeonEnergy @GlencoreBRK @Glencore
• Get creative in your tweets to let the world, and to the involved companies. A few suggestions to get you on your way:
o “@KosmosEnergy get out of #WesternSahara!”
o “@Total, stop stealing people of #WesternSahara’s future”
o “@Glencore leave #WesternSahara”
o “@SanLeonEnergy stop supporting brutal occupation of #WesternSahara”
o “@KosmosEnergy and @CairnEnergy profiting from human rights abuses in occupied #WesternSahara.


• Upload pictures of your protests against the companies
• Link pictures to twitter and Facebook
• Get creative! Make your own Blood Oil artwork and post on Instagram.

Saharawi parliamentarians condemn Engie controversy

The French company Engie has since 2023 been installing windmills in occupied Western Sahara for a massive project that would lead to the large-scale settlement of Moroccan farmers in the occupied territory. 

03 July 2024

These are the clients of Morocco’s phosphate plunder

For the eleventh year in a row, Western Sahara Resource Watch publishes a detailed, annual overview of the companies involved in the purchase of conflict phosphates from occupied Western Sahara.

22 May 2024

This port is the biggest exporter of gas into occupied Western Sahara

For the first time, Portugal is the biggest exporter of gas products into occupied Western Sahara. 

15 May 2024

France offers to pay for problematic powerline

The French government intends to finance a cable that will transport energy from Morocco's illegal projects in occupied Western Sahara to Morocco proper.

07 May 2024