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Published 26 October 15


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• Get creative in your tweets to let the world, and to the involved companies. A few suggestions to get you on your way:
o “@KosmosEnergy get out of #WesternSahara!”
o “@Total, stop stealing people of #WesternSahara’s future”
o “@Glencore leave #WesternSahara”
o “@SanLeonEnergy stop supporting brutal occupation of #WesternSahara”
o “@KosmosEnergy and @CairnEnergy profiting from human rights abuses in occupied #WesternSahara.


• Upload pictures of your protests against the companies
• Link pictures to twitter and Facebook
• Get creative! Make your own Blood Oil artwork and post on Instagram.

HeidelbergCement takes side in the conflict

The German building materials giant sides with Morocco in the Western Sahara conflict, avoiding any questions on its own legal obligations in the occupied territory.

26 October 15

Telecom cables laid in occupied waters

The French company Alcatel Submarine Networks SpA, partially owned by Nokia, has laid telecom cables in occupied Western Sahara. 

26 October 15

Report reveals clients of Western Sahara’s conflict mineral

India and New Zealand stand out as the main importers of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara, in WSRW’s newest annual report on the controversial trade. 

26 October 15

These are the questions that Siemens will not answer

At its Annual General Meeting, Siemens Gamesa was as evasive as ever with regard to core questions about the company's involvement in occupied Western Sahara.

26 October 15