COP22: Ban Ki-Moon raised Moroccan propaganda with UNFCCC
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The spokesperson of UN Secretary-General today said that the erroneous maps depicting Western Sahara as part of Morocco on the website had been raised with the UN climate organisation UNFCCC. Meanwhile, COP22's organisers keep propagating the Moroccan occupation.
Published 07 November 2016

In a press briefing today, Ban Ki-Moon's spokesperson Mr. Stephane Dujarric stated that the false maps presented on have been discussed within the UN.

"On the website, we raised those concerns with that we were made aware of with our colleagues in UNFCCC. I know they are in touch with the organisers", he answered to Inner City Press. See the video to the right.

WSRW had on 2 November revealed in a new report the massive planned growth in energy infrastructure on occupied Western Sahara. A part of that report also covered how the official website contained maps which included Western Sahara as part of the national Moroccan territory. No state in the world recognise the Moroccan claims to Western Sahara.

On 6 November, the entire website was relaunched, and the maps had disappeared.

Today, the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister namedropped the celebration of his country's take-over of Western Sahara at the official opening of the conference.

The UN spokesperson was today also questioned about the detainment of vice-president Suelma Beirouk of the African Parliament. He had no knowledge of the matter at this point.

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