Technical report on phosphate production in Western Sahara
Written by Spanish Jesús Madre Casorrán, formerly employed in the mine.
Published 23 August 2008

The text was published in Téchnica Industrial 253 -June 2004, page 39-43, and is written in Spanish..

Download it here.

The author, Jesús Madre Casorrán, used to work in the Bu Craa mine until 1976, when Morocco took over the plant. Casorrán has today the title of vicedecano at the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Aragón.

The text contains details on the deposits, on the initial exploration, on the conveyor belt from the mine to the harbour, on power supplies etc.

Incitec Pivot silent in spite of promises

The Australian fertilizer company first promised to answer questions on the imports of conflict minerals from occupied Western Sahara. Then it went silent. 

16 March 2023

Italian company Bedeschi to aid export of conflict minerals

The Italian company Bedeschi obtained a contract for building infrastructure for export of conflict minerals from occupied Western Sahara. 

13 March 2023

Greek company lobbied for Moroccan occupation

A Greek company lobbied the EU parliament to undermine international law in Western Sahara, a leaked letter documents. 

30 December 2022

Refugees protesting Incitec Pivot's plunder purchase

A group of Saharawi refugees yesterday demonstrated against the Australian company Incitec Pivot. The company has bought a cargo of conflict minerals from a mine on their land, from the occupation government. 

13 October 2022