Australian protests against Western Sahara trade


Representatives of the Australian Western Sahara Association protested at the fertiliser company Incitec Pivot's Extraordinary General Assembly. See photos here of former democrat Senator, Lyn Allison, asking questions at the assembly. 


Published 06 September 2008

Below, you see Lyn Allison raising question about the unethical phosphate imports to the IPL management on the company's Extraordinatry General Assembly, at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 5th September 2008. 



And, as always, Ali the Camel took part in the protest.





Record profits in trade with conflict phosphates

The invasion of Ukraine causes a massive increase in Morocco's profits from its illegal plunder of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara. New WSRW report shows that the export volume remained stable throughout 2022.

24 April 2023

Incitec Pivot silent in spite of promises

The Australian fertilizer company first promised to answer questions on the imports of conflict minerals from occupied Western Sahara. Then it went silent. 

16 March 2023

New report: Western Sahara phosphate trade halved

The export of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara has never been lower than in 2019. This is revealed in the new WSRW report P for Plunder, published today.

24 February 2020