Frozen fish heading east
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Two so-called reefers, or refrigerated ships, have recently visited El Aaiun harbour in occupied Western Sahara, for transport of frozen fish to Russia and China.

Published 30 November 2008

The two vessels, Sunny Maria and Young Duck, transports frozen fish from occupied Western Sahara to markets in Russia and China. 

Sunny Maria (IMO number 7734545)
The Belize flagged vessel is operated by Shipdeal Corp, and registered owner is Baltor & Co. S.A.
Stopped over in El Aaiun between 17th and 21st of November this year. The vessel is known for carrying out fish transports, and from what WSRW knows, the vessel is now heading towards China.

Young Duck (IMO number 7916296)
Stopped over in El Aaiun from the 14th to the 24th of November. Young Duck is owned and operated by the Korean firm Youngduck Shipping Co. Ltd, and seems to be heading towards Russia. 

A third vessel, not a reefer, the cargo ship Rhino (IMO 7616860), on 30th of October this year passed through the Kiel canal, on its way from El Aaiun to Kaliningrad. It is still unclear, however, what kind of cargo the vessel picked up in occupied Western Sahara on its way to Kaliningrad. The vessel used to be sailing for the Norwegian shipping company Boa, but is not any longer. In what possibly can be a related shipment, Rhino was on 7th of September 2008 spotted in Rijeka, Croatia, a phosphate importing harbour. 


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