Here Sea Lavender charges phosphates for Mexico
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The vessel Sea Lavender is here loading phosphates in occupied Western Sahara, destined for Mexican imports.

Published 07 December 2008

Vessel name: Sea Lavender
IMO number: 9254989
Call sign: 9HJH7
Flag: Maltese

Vessel is owned by Liechtenstein company Eastern Mediterranean Maritime.

The vessel visited occupied Western Sahara on 14th of June 2008. 
This photo was taken on the beach in El Aaiun the same day.

The vessel then travelled to Mexico, where the importer was Innophos.

Innophos importing heavily from occupied Western Sahara

The Mexican imports of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara is picking up pace. New images from Mexico today show a second vessel offloading - while a third is on its way.

05 September 2021

Mystery shipment to Innophos, Mexico. Not the US.

The bulk carrier Amis Ace went to Mexico, not the US as it had informed. See fresh images from Mexico.

04 August 2021

Confirmed: Innophos key client of Western Sahara phosphate rock

The US company Innophos admits in its latest annual report to be purchasing the conflict mineral through PotashCorp.

01 March 2018