AXA leaders on party trip to occupied territory

The French insurance company has posted a video of its local leaders having a wonderful time in the occupied territory.  

31 May 2023

Entering the territory of Western Sahara is extremely difficult. 

In his most recent report to the UN Security Council, the UN Secretary-General regrets that the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has yet again been unable to conduct visits to Western Sahara. This is the seventh consecutive year, and despite multiple requests. The current UN envoy to the territory has still not been allowed to visit. 

Journalists are systematically refused entry to the territory, and Reporters without borders ranks Morocco/Western Sahara at 144th place in the world (out of 180). 

Hundreds of observers and journalists have been denied access or been expelled the last decade. Leading Saharawi human rights defenders are serving life-time in jail.  

But the French insurance company AXA is seemingly welcome - to the tourism bubble in Dakhla. 

The company's Moroccan subsidiary AXA Assurance Maroc on 20 March 2023 published a video on LinkedIn [or download (8Mb)] showing how its leadership group visited and partied in the occupied territory. 

#CareandGrow, #Togetherfurther #AxaMorocco, the company tags the following post (our translation):

"Our leaders had feet in the turquoise waters of Dakhla, for the 1st AXA Assurance Morocco Leadership Committee of the year!
Off-site in the sun, the 80 managers of AXA Assurance Maroc landed directly by the sea on Friday, where they all spent two days of visits, relaxation, challenges and dancing!
This weekend was an opportunity to confirm the solid cohesion of this Committee as a strong link in the company, but also as a close-knit team, united and collectively ready to continue to move the lines to meet the challenges of AXA's transformation in Morocco.
A ONE AXA family spirit that permeated this weekend that we are not ready to forget! Back in pictures on this getaway and see you at the next Leadership Committee!"

AXA S.A.’s Moroccan subsidiary AXA Maroc has one agency in El Aaiún (Laâyoune) and one in Dakhla, both in occupied territory. WSRW and French association APSO wrote AXA's CEO Thomas Buberl in January 2022 regarding the company's operations in the territory. The company never responded. 

To compare, AXA has a more principled stance on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The company on 1 March 2023 published a very strong statement in which it underlined that it has “condemned the invasion of Ukraine and its devastating human consequences since the beginning of the war. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and all those affected by the ongoing attacks.”


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