BKM spokesperson: expelled African Parliament VP was COP22 accredited
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See the accreditation document of the Vice-President of the Pan-African Parliament here.

Published 10 November 2016

The news service Inner City Press today published the accreditation document of Suelma Beirouk of Western Sahara. 

The confirmation comes just a day after the same news service had caught on tape Morocco's ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale, stating that she was not accredited. 

Suelma Beirouk was on 7 November expelled from Morocco as she was to attend COP22. Beirouk is from Western Sahara, a country under occupation by Morocco. Beirouk is the vice-president of the Pan-African Parliament, and was to take part as observer in the Pan-African Parliament delegation. 

“They prevented me to enter the COP, they did not allow me. I was registered, and they did not let me in because I am Saharawi", she told Climate Change News.

The UNFCCC, the UN's Climate Department, yesterday stated that it is seeking clarifications from the Moroccan authorities about the expulsion of Beirouk.

Lately, there have been unconfirmed information in the media that the entire delegation of Pan-African Parliament has pulled out of the COP22 in protest. This has not been confirmed by official sources. 

Meanwhile, Morocco is using COP22 to showcase its renewable energy projects in occupied Western Sahara, the land Beirouk had to leave behind following Morocco's violent invasion. Morocco is seeking to anchor its occupation from Western Sahara, by making itself dependent on the territory for its energy supply. Read more in WSRW's report published on 2 November, detailing how Morocco's green energy projects are fueling its plunder of the territory.

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