Reaction from Polisario on EU-Morocco court case
See statement and press conference held today in Brussels.
Published 22 December 2016

Today, Frente Polisario held a press conference in Brussels. A video recording of the event can be dowloaded here (224 Mb).

Polisario today also issued this statement on the judgement.

States criticize Morocco over human rights in Western Sahara

Ten states today took the opportunity to comment on Morocco's human rights track record in Western Sahara, the territory that it holds under illegal occupation. 

08 November 2022

SRI update

The following overview enlists stock-exchange registered companies currently operating in Western Sahara. Updated 20 October 2022.

20 October 2022

Australian trade union condemns Incitec Pivot

The Maritime Union of Australia denounces the renewed imports of stolen conflict minerals into Australia.

20 October 2022

Why WSRW says no to EU trade talks on Western Sahara

The EU is again undertaking ‘consultations’ on illegal EU-Morocco trade agreements in occupied Western Sahara. Here is why WSRW refuses to engage. 

19 October 2022