PCS took in another shipment
The Louisiana fertiliser company PCS has this week-end received a huge shipload of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara. A smaller shipment to Colombia took place last month.
Published 14 October 09

Vessel Full Spring (IMO number 9064451) arrived 9 October 2009 New Orleans with phosphate from occupied Western Sahara, arriving at PCS Nitrogen dock. On 12 October 2009, she was still in Baton Rouge, discharging the cargo. Full City is Hong Kong flagged, and owned by the shipping company Cosco HK. Cosco has previously also done a number of similar shipments from Western Sahara.

Full Spring is a large dry-bulk carrier, with a cargo capacity of over 60.000 tonnes of phosphates. PCS is the largest single phosphate importer from Western Sahara.

Last month, a somewhat smaller shipment was done to the Colombian importer Monomeros.

The Thai flagged carrier Dusita Naree (IMO number 9127071) arrived 7 september 2009 Baranquilla, Colombia, with 15225 tonnes of phosphates from El Aaiun. Dusita Naree is managed/owned by Precious Shipping, Thailand.

HeidelbergCement takes side in the conflict

The German building materials giant sides with Morocco in the Western Sahara conflict, avoiding any questions on its own legal obligations in the occupied territory.

14 October 09

Telecom cables laid in occupied waters

The French company Alcatel Submarine Networks SpA, partially owned by Nokia, has laid telecom cables in occupied Western Sahara. 

14 October 09

Report reveals clients of Western Sahara’s conflict mineral

India and New Zealand stand out as the main importers of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara, in WSRW’s newest annual report on the controversial trade. 

14 October 09

These are the questions that Siemens will not answer

At its Annual General Meeting, Siemens Gamesa was as evasive as ever with regard to core questions about the company's involvement in occupied Western Sahara.

14 October 09