Azura denies exporting tomatoes to Coop Denmark
In a letter from the French-Moroccan tomatoe producer Azura, to the Danish Supermarket chain Coop, the tomato firm denies exporting from Dakhla in Western Sahara. Letter sent 27 March 2009.
Published 10 August 2010

German trade fair should stop promoting Azura, groups say

German and Irish law organisations demand that Messe Berlin ceases to accept the controversial French tomato producer Azura.

09 September 2019

See how the plantations changed

Agricultural plantations boomed in occupied Western Sahara as the EU negotiated trade deal with Morocco. Check yourself.

27 December 2016

See how the controversial plantations boomed in the desert

Based on assessments of satelite images, WSRW has calculated how the plantations in occupied Western Sahara developed from 2003 until today.
18 July 2016

Is your local shop selling conflict tomatoes?

Morocco’s tomato export season starts today. But some of the ‘Moroccan’ tomatoes you’ll soon find in your shop have been grown illegally in a territory under military occupation. Have you spotted dirty tomatoes? Help us to identify them in your local store!

01 October 2013