New series of academic articles on Western Sahara resources

The journal Global Change, Peace & Security last week published a series of articles on natural resources in Western Sahara.

Published 12 September 2015

The series of articles are published in an issue with a special focus on Western Sahara. 

The articles are written by the contributors of a conference on Western Sahara natural resources held in Melbourne 19-20 March 2015, co-hosted by Centre for Citizenship, Development and Human Rights at Deakin University and Australia Western Sahara Association.

The publication contains articles such as: 


  • The status of Western Sahara as occupied territory under international humanitarian law and the exploitation of natural resources by Ben Saul.

  • Western Sahara, resources, and international accountability, by Stephen Zunes.

  • The role of resources in the resolution of the Western Sahara issue, by Damien Kingsbury.

  • The taking of the Sahara: the role of natural resources in the continuing occupation of Western Sahara, by Jeffrey J. Smith.

  • Independence by fiat: a way out of the impasse – the self-determination of Western Sahara, with lessons from Timor-Leste, by Pedro Pinto Leite.

  • The role of natural resources in the building of an independent Western Sahara, by Fadel Kamal.

  • Saharawi conflict phosphates and the Australian dinner table, by Erik Hagen.

These are the clients of Morocco’s phosphate plunder

For the eleventh year in a row, Western Sahara Resource Watch publishes a detailed, annual overview of the companies involved in the purchase of conflict phosphates from occupied Western Sahara.

22 May 2024

COWI abandons future projects in Western Sahara

After undertaking work for the Moroccan state phosphate company in Western Sahara, the Danish consultancy giant COWI states that it “will not engage in further projects" in the occupied territory.

11 March 2024

Shipping company responses to the report P for Plunder 2024

The WSRW report P for Plunder 2023 to be published in April 2023 will contain information on all vessels that departed occupied Western Sahara from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022.

01 March 2024

With Suez closed, Morocco reopens abandoned route

Morocco has for six years avoided directing plunder vessels via South Africa, whose courts have ruled the phosphate plunder of occupied Western Sahara to be illegal. First test is taking place now. 

28 December 2023