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One of the most important importers of phosphates from occupied Western Sahara is located in New Zealand. Check out their factory here.
Published 10 December 07

Photos taken when the Greek owned vessel, Predator, arrived Port of Tauranga, October 12th 2007. Trucks contain phosphate imported from occupied Western Sahara in violation of international law.

The first photo shows sea lettuce bloom most likely caused by pollutants that Balance pour into the sea as effluent in the process of making superphosphate from the Western Sahara phosphate rock. In addition to phosphate and nitrates, the polutants contain high levels of flourine, cadmium and high but "acceptable" levels of radioactive isotopes.

Sneak peek on ENGIE's position

For a little while, ENGIE had published on its website hints about who it had actually "consulted" when doing business in occupied Western Sahara.

10 December 07

HeidelbergCement takes side in the conflict

The German building materials giant sides with Morocco in the Western Sahara conflict, avoiding any questions on its own legal obligations in the occupied territory.

10 December 07

Telecom cables laid in occupied waters

The French company Alcatel Submarine Networks SpA, partially owned by Nokia, has laid telecom cables in occupied Western Sahara. 

10 December 07

Report reveals clients of Western Sahara’s conflict mineral

India and New Zealand stand out as the main importers of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara, in WSRW’s newest annual report on the controversial trade. 

10 December 07