Film of the Moroccan phosphate plundering
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Check out a unique video of the Moroccan state company OCP carrying out phosphate mining in Western Sahara.

Published 30 December 2007

Check out 2 videos of the phosphate mine in Western Sahara. 

The first video shows all steps of the open pit mining in occupied Western Sahara. Download the first video in high resolution here. The second video shows the factory at distance. Download the second video in high resolution here [89mb]. 







The conflict phosphates - four decades of plunder

For over 40 years, a Moroccan state-owned company has exported phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara.  

14 April 2022

New Report: Mexico becoming top plunder partner

Our latest annual report on the phosphate trade from occupied Western Sahara shows that Mexico will soon take over India's role as the most important client of the territory's conflict mineral. 

06 April 2022

Germany thumbs down OCP credit in Western Sahara

Germany's state-owned development bank will not finance projects in Western Sahara.

13 May 2020

What is Continental negotiating with OCP?

As Continental renegotiates its contract with Morocco's national phosphate company, it is still not clear whether the German group intends to limit its operations to Morocco proper or extend them into occupied Western Sahara.

26 March 2020