Here is the SADR natural resources law

WSRW has received access to the 2019 ‘Natural Resources Sovereignty Act’ of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. 

13 July 21

On 6 July 2019, the parliament of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic passed a law to “better ensure sovereign rights and protection of the natural resources” of Western Sahara. 

The law was published in the SADR official Gazette No. 55.

The law specifies that the “natural resources of the Saharawi Republic include those natural resources found in the land territory of the Republic” and “those resources in the maritime territory defined by Law No. 3 of 21 January 2009, the Law Establishing the Maritime Zones of the Saharawi Arab Republic”.

The latter law was refered to by WSRW in 2009.

The file can be downloaded here

The EU Court cases on Western Sahara

It's not easy keeping up with all the different legal proceedings relating to Western Sahara. For the sake of clarity, here's an overview of the five different cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

27 February 18

Research service of Bundestag analyses Morocco's settlement policy

An analysis of the legal aspects of the conflict in Western Sahara has led the research department of the German parliament to conclude that there are substantiated violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention by Morocco, that is to be considered an occupying power.

08 May 20

EU Court reaffirms position on Western Sahara

Polisario has a case, but it should be pursued when the time is right, Court implies.

28 February 19

EU Council refuses transparency on Western Sahara, and here's why

According to the EU Council, it cannot make public a legal opinion on a future EU-Morocco trade deal in occupied Western Sahara as that would "carry the risk compromising the capacity of reaching an agreement on the dossier".

10 December 18