WSRW demands Polish state oil company to leave Western Sahara
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WSRW lauches today a report on the Polish oil company PGNiG, and demands it to abandon its project. WSRW asks its owners to intervene.

Published 28 June 2016

WSRW today launched a new report, regarding the controversial operations of Geofyzika Kraków, a subsidiary of the Polish company PGNiG. The report, in Polish, outlines the operations and main concerns of the involvement of the company.

Download the report 'Skónczmy Poszukiwania Razem' here. 

This is the story: 
• Geofyzika Kraków announced on 23 March 2016 to have signed a licence for seismic studies in «Morocco». One month later, it was revealed by groups in Western Sahara that the operation was in fact taking place in occupied Western Sahara. 
• Geofyzika Kraków is a 100% subsidiary of Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG).PGNiG is 70.4% owned by the State Treasury of Poland, while the remaining 29.6% of the shares are floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 
• Neither Geofyzika Kraków nor its mother firm PGNiG have sought the consent of the people of the territory before starting the operations. Oil activities which fail to take into account the wishes of the Saharawis are illegal, according to the UN. 
• Saharawi groups have protested the engagement. Morocco does not produce oil, but is depending on imports. Morocco’s claim to the land is rejected by the international community.
• 9 large trucks of Geofyzika Kraków are criss-crossing the territory of Western Sahara, shooting sound waves into the ground. This will reveal the potential for Moroccan illegal oil drilling in the occupied territory. 
• In June 2016, PGNiG restructured its activities, allowing its subsidiary Geofizyka Torun to take over GK. 
• Supporting a Moroccan oil programme in the territory it occupies naturally contributes to complicate the UN efforts to solve he conflict, and prolongs the sufferings of the people of the territory. 

-demonstrate its commitment to international law, human rights and basic Corporate Social Responsibility standards by immediately and publicly withdrawing from their involvement in Western Sahara and not renewing activities until the dispute over Western Sahara is resolved. 

-as majority owner of PNGiG to demonstrate its support to the UN peace process, to principles of international law, and to the duty of non-recognition of illegal occupations of the Government of Poland, and to instruct the company to immediately and unconditionally withdraw from Western Sahara. 

-to put pressure on the company so as their subsidary immediately withdraws from the occupied territory. 

WSRW on 27 June 2016 sent a letter to PGNiG urging the company "to immediately terminate all operations relating to seismic studies in Western Sahara".

Western Sahara Resource Watch overed the entry of the company into Western Sahara on 9 June 2016 and a labour rights dispute between the company and its local staff, on the 22 June 2016

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