Police refused these Saharawis access to "green" energy brief30.11 - 2016 21:18

Moroccan police today barred Saharawis from attending a "public consultation" organised by ACWA Power, contracted to construct the first solar plants in occupied Western Sahara.
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Western Sahara occupation soon to electrify EU?28.11 - 2016
Germany, France, Spain and Portugal have signed a roadmap agreement with Morocco to work towards renewable electricity trade between Morocco and the EU.Read more
Beaten for protesting these importers of controversial phosphate24.11 - 2016
Three Saharawis have submitted a complaint against police brutality following their protest against companies that import phosphate rock from their occupied homeland.Read more

EU funding to fish sector in occupied Western Sahara increases23.11 - 2016
For the second year in a row, the Moroccan government has spent most of the EU's fish sector support on the development of the fishing industry in occupied Western Sahara. And the EU was fully aware of it.Read more
Euro-Parliamentarians oppose occupation energy imports18.11 - 2016
As COP22 closes shop in Marrakech, a group of 51 MEPs has asked the European Commission to do all necessary to prevent the Union from becoming involved in Morocco's renewable energy plans in occupied Western Sahara.Read more

First season in Switzerland without occupation tomatoes?conflict_tomato_610.jpg
18.11 - 2016
From this winter on, Swiss supermarkets will probably, for the first time, no longer sell tomatoes from occupied Western Sahara.
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Deal for solar plants in occupied Western Sahara signed at COP2216.11 - 2016
Morocco has selected Saudi company ACWA Power to develop 100 MW of solar power in occupied Western Sahara. The deal was inked at the UN's Climate Conference, COP22.Read more
Three Saudi firms named in bid for solar plants in Western Sahara15.11 - 2016
It appears that the Moroccan government has shortlisted three Saudi companies to do develop the first phases of a large and highly problematic solar energy programme in occupied Western Sahara. Read more

Status of San Leon oil block still undetermined15.11 - 2016
The oil block named "Tarfaya Onshore", overlapping the border between Morocco and the occupied territory of Western Sahara, in still unresolved, a newly published oil map reveals. Read more
BKM spokesperson: expelled African Parliament VP was COP22 accredited10.11 - 2016
See the accreditation document of the Vice-President of the Pan-African Parliament here.Read more

UNFCCC seeks answers from Morocco on parliamentarian expulsion09.11 - 2016
A spokesman for UNFCCC told media that it has requested answer from the organisers of COP22 on why they kicked out the vice-president of the PanAfrican-Parliament.
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COP22: Ban Ki-Moon raised Moroccan propaganda with UNFCCC07.11 - 2016
The spokesperson of UN Secretary-General today said that the erroneous maps depicting Western Sahara as part of Morocco on the COP22.ma website had been raised with the UN climate organisation UNFCCC. Meanwhile, COP22's organisers keep propagating the Moroccan occupation. Read more
Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister namedrops invasion at COP22 opening07.11 - 2016
Morocco's minister of foreign affairs - as expected - today propagated about his country's occupation of Western Sahara during the opening statement of COP22. Read more

Expelled:African Parliament vice-president denied taking part in COP2207.11 - 2016
The vice-president of the Panafrican Parliament, Suelma Beirouk, was to attend COP22, but is now being held by Moroccan police. Morocco has occupied her homeland Western Sahara - and illegally built windmills on it.Read more
Here are the people Siemens doesn't bother to talk to06.11 - 2016
Today, refugees from Western Sahara organised a demonstration against the energy companies Siemens and Enel. The two companies refuse to follow UN demands of seeking Saharawi consent as they are building windmills for Morocco on their occupied homeland. Read more

COP22 with yet another propaganda stuntmaradona_cop22_610.jpg
05.11 - 2016
Morocco - whose king has personally invested in energy projects in Western Sahara - is now also pushing Western Sahara propaganda through the official Twitter account of COP22.
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UN committee concerned of lack of Saharawi consent over resources04.11 - 2016
A UN expert human rights committee looking into how Morocco is handling civil and political rights, today expressed deep concerns of the management of the natural resources in Western Sahara, the stalemate in the process of self-determination for the Saharawis, and torture against Saharawis. Read more
Moroccan king's "green" company silent on human rights 04.11 - 2016
Nareva, the wind company of the King of Morocco, fails to answer questions on human rights by the international Business and Human Rights Center, in a study published yesterday. Read more

Here is the "phosphate windmill park" 03.11 - 2016
There is little renewable in the operations of the Siemens run wind park in occupied Western Sahara. See the mills that supply the Moroccan illegal mining here, in partnership with the Moroccan king. Read more
Former UN Legal Counsel slams Morocco’s wind projects 02.11 - 2016
The ex-UN Legal Counsel, who in 2002 wrote an important opinion for the UN Security Council on resources in Western Sahara, says that Siemens are on thin ice when building wind parks in Western Sahara. Read more

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Morocco occupies the major part of its neighbouring country, Western Sahara. Entering into business deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied territories gives an impression of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities to Moroccan settlers and income to the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands foreign companies leave Western Sahara until a solution to the conflict is found.
Report: COP22 controversy - Moroccan green energy used for plunder


At COP22, beware of what you read about Morocco’s renewable energy efforts. An increasing part of the projects take place in the occupied territory of Western Sahara and is used for mineral plunder, new WSRW report documents.
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Help us to protect the natural resources of Western Sahara for the Saharawi people. Support our work by making a donation.
The Western Sahara oil curse


Big oil’s interest in occupied Western Sahara has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Some companies are now drilling, in complete disregard of international law and the Saharawi people’s rights. Here’s what you need to know.
Stand up for the Gdeim Izik 25!


On 17 February 2013, in a mockery of justice, a Moroccan military court condemned 25 Saharawi citizens to shockingly tough prison sentences. Help us to release the Gdeim Izik 25.

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