Denmark accepts continued EU fisheries in occupied waterschildren_dakhla_610.jpg
15.01 - 2018 20:02
The Danish government has started arguing for its own fishing interests in occupied Western Sahara and challenges the recent developments in the Court of Justice of the EU. A request to continue EU fisheries in Western Sahara was issued to Danish legislators just one day after the EU Court's General Advocate found that practice invalid.
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EU Court advocate: Fish agreement invalid for including Western Sahara10.01 - 2018
LATEST: In an opinion issued this morning, the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU stated that the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement is invalid because it applies to Western Sahara waters. Judgement expected in a few months.

Read reaction from Frente Polisario on the opinion.
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EU Commission eying new fish deal including Western Sahara08.01 - 2018
Not awaiting the EU Court of Justice's verdict on the legality of the current fisheries protocol with Morocco over the inclusion of Western Sahara's waters, the EU Commission is already thinking out loud about its successor.
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Nutrien: The new giant on conflict minerals 07.01 - 2018
A new Canadian company accounts for half the purchases of conflict minerals from occupied Western Sahara. WSRW calls on investors to immediately blacklist the new company for breach of basic ethics.  Read more
EU Commission visited occupied Western Sahara to authorize exporters20.12 - 2017
While the highest Court of the EU has stipulated that no trade arrangement with Morocco can be applied to Western Sahara, the EU Commission this month visited the occupied territory to update the list of companies authorised to export their products to the EU. Read more

Siemens: the Moroccan king's wind turbine supplier in Western Saharasiemens_gamesa.jpg
07.12 - 2017
WSRW has again asked Siemens to clarify how they’ve obtained the consent of the people of Western Sahara to their involvement in literally all of Morocco’s wind power plans in the occupied territory.
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EU fish support to Morocco builds Western Sahara fish industry05.12 - 2017
For a third consecutive year, Morocco has spent most of the EU’s fisheries sectoral support on further developing the fishing industry in occupied Western Sahara – with the explicit approval of the Union.Read more
Paradise Papers: New light on Glencore structure21.11 - 2017
Fresh leaks from international tax-havens provide more information about who is behind the Glencore oil operations in occupied Western Sahara. Read more

Support Western Sahara Resource Watch10.11 - 2017
Help us to protect the natural resources of Western Sahara for the Saharawi people. Support our work by making a donation.Read more
Moroccan wind energy in occupied Western Sahara passing 40%31.10 - 2017
Even more wind farms are being planned in occupied Western Sahara, and all of them are in the portfolio of the Moroccan monarch's company NAREVA.Read more

Interview with Jytte Guteland: 1 of 5 MEPs evicted from Western Saharajytte_guteland_610x200.jpg
31.10 - 2017
“I think this incident should alert people about these EU-Morocco trade negotiations on products from Western Sahara: they are not transparent at all”, says Jytte Guteland, socialist Euro-parliamentarian from Sweden.
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UK company building wind park in occupied Western Sahara30.10 - 2017
Morocco and Siemens press on with their plans to generate energy in the human rights black-spot that is Western Sahara: the first controversial wind farm near Boujdour is expected to be operational in December 2018, built by a UK company. Read more
Kosmos surveying oil potential near Dakhla again?26.10 - 2017
Over the past 24 hours, WSRW has observed a resumed seabed exploration north of Dakhla, in the block operated by American oil company Kosmos Energy in collaboration with Scotland's Cairn Energy.Read more

EU Parliament approves Morocco aviation deal including Western Sahara 24.10 - 2017
Opposition referred to the inclusion of Western Sahara, which they say renders the deal illegal under EU law.Read more
EU-Morocco trade talks: replacing Saharawis with Moroccans24.10 - 2017
Both the EU and Morocco seem keen conclude the negotiations to keep occupied Western Sahara within the territorial scope of their bilateral trade deal - in spite of a judgment by the EU's highest Court ruling this out. Read more

Imminent vote on EU-Morocco aviation deal, covering Western Saharabinter_canarias.jpg
23.10 - 2017
For the umpteenth time, the EU's self-contradiction in relation to Western Sahara surfaces.
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Wärtsilä to build power plant in occupied Western Sahara11.10 - 2017
Finnish energy company Wärtsilä has struck a deal with the Moroccan government to supply a power plant to Dakhla - a town located well outside of Morocco, and inside occupied Western Sahara.Read more
Morocco announces 500% increase of agriculture zone in occupied Dakhla09.10 - 2017
... precisely in the territory that the highest Court of the European Union considers "distinct and separate" from Morocco.Read more

EU appears clueless on import levels from Western Sahara27.09 - 2017
The EU Commission puts the trade flow from Western Sahara into the Union at "just €7000" for the entire year of 2016. "Beggars belief", WSRW states.Read more
New report: Sweden must advise companies on Western Sahara27.09 - 2017
Sweden is known for paying lip-service to Saharawi self-determination, but is it putting its money where its mouth is? Check out our newly published report on Sweden's involvement in the taking of occupied Western Sahara's natural resources.Read more

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Morocco occupies the major part of its neighbouring country, Western Sahara. Entering into business deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied territories gives an impression of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities to Moroccan settlers and income to the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands foreign companies leave Western Sahara until a solution to the conflict is found.
Stand up for the Gdeim Izik 25!


Leading activists from Western Sahara are condemned to sentences ranging from 20 years to life imprisonment in connection to a mass protest in 2010 denouncing the Saharawi people’s social and economic marginalization in their occupied land; the Gdeim Izik protest camp.
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Help us to protect the natural resources of Western Sahara for the Saharawi people. Support our work by making a donation.
Report: Moroccan green energy used for plunder


At COP22, beware of what you read about Morocco’s renewable energy efforts. An increasing part of the projects take place in the occupied territory of Western Sahara and is used for mineral plunder, new WSRW report documents.
The Western Sahara oil curse


Big oil’s interest in occupied Western Sahara has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Some companies are now drilling, in complete disregard of international law and the Saharawi people’s rights. Here’s what you need to know. News Archive 2017 News Archive 2016 News Archive 2015 News Archive 2014 News Archive 2013 News Archive 2012 News Archive 2011 News Archive 2010 News Archive 2009 News Archive 2008 News Archive 2007 News Archive 2004-2006

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