OCP refuses to respond to Saharawi refugee04.03 - 2015 22:38
“OCP Maroc” tried to block a Saharawi student’s youtube videos questioning the legality of Morocco’s exploitation of occupied Western Sahara’s phosphate mine. And to date, the firm has refused to answer her many emails asking them why they tried to do that.
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Kosmos Energy ignores pleas from the owners of Western Sahara oil02.03 - 2015
No oil exploration can take place in Western Sahara unless people consent to it. Today Kosmos announced will to continue searching in Western Sahara despite condemnations from the people of the territory See Saharawis mobilise.Read more
Kosmos continues despite non-commercial find in Western Sahara02.03 - 2015
Kosmos Energy today announced that it had “encountered hydrocarbons” offshore occupied Western Sahara, though not in commercial quantities. Nevertheless, the find appears to be sufficient to proceed with a second drilling later on. WSRW condemns the drilling.Read more

Kosmos Energy launches propaganda website26.02 - 2015
Misleads by misrepresenting international law. Check out the company's Western Sahara manipulation here.Read more
Corell: EU must revise fisheries agreement, oil drilling irresponsible24.02 - 2015
Former UN Legal Counsel Hans Corell urges in an article yesterday the EU to revise its Fisheries Partnership Agreement due to the Moroccan King's recent statement on Western Sahara. He also states that the oil exploration is in violation of the legal opinion he wrote for the UN Security Council. Read more

Kosmos expects occupied Western Sahara drill results in early March32baimg_0788_610.jpg
23.02 - 2015
Kosmos Energy today announced that it is expecting the first results from its controversial drilling in occupied Western Sahara sooner than anticipated: in early March.
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Western Sahara Resource Watch turned 10 today05.02 - 2015
Formally established at a meeting in Brussels on 5 February 2005, WSRW turned 10 years today.Read more
Norway ethical council recommends exclusion of Innophos04.02 - 2015
The Council on Ethics of the Norwegian government pension fund recommended blacklisting of the US/Mexican fertilizer producer Innophos due to phosphate imports from Western Sahara. "Particular serious violation of fundamental ethical norms", the council concluded.Read more

WSRW confronts Glencore again on Western Saharan oil involvement03.02 - 2015
In a letter sent to the company today, WSRW has repeated its concerns about Swiss company Glencore Plc's stake in the unethical oil exploration in occupied Western Sahara. Read the full letter, and our correspondence with Glencore, here.Read more
AU condemns Crans Montana Forum in occupied Western Sahara02.02 - 2015
The African Union has issued a strong declaration condemning the plans of the Swiss organisation Crans Montana to hold their Forum in Dakhla, occupied Western Sahara, "as it is a grave violation of the International Law". Read the full Declaration here.Read more

Former UN Legal Counsel slams Kosmos drilling in Western Sahara13.01 - 2015
“I have seen that they [Kosmos executives] think their actions are in conformity with my legal opinion, and my determined opinion is that they are not”, says Ambassador Hans Corell, author of the UN Legal Opinion on oil exploration and exploitation in Western Sahara.
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Kosmos has begun to drill in occupied Western Sahara12.01 - 2015
On 19 December 2014 , the American oil company Kosmos Energy began to drill for oil in occupied Western Sahara, through an illegal deal with the occupying regime, Morocco. "The company is adding fuel to the fire", stated WSRW. Read more
Demonstrated against SeaBird/Glencore in Oslo20.12 - 2014
Saharawis and Norwegians gathered Thursday night in front of the offices of SeaBird in Oslo to protest against the company's oil exploration in occupied Western Sahara on behalf of Glencore and the Moroccan government. Read more

WSRW condemns Glencore's oil exploration in Western Sahara18.12 - 2014
WSRW has today appealed to Swiss company Glencore Plc to withdraw from its participation in Morocco's oil search in Western Sahara. Read the full letter here.Read more
Rejected salt imports from Western Sahara due to human rights18.12 - 2014
A Norwegian state owned engineering company earlier this year chose to reject a deal for salt from Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara because they found that it would be in violation of their human rights standards.Read more

Havoc inks oil deal with Saharawi government for Kosmos drill sitecamp_610.jpg
17.12 - 2014
Australian investment fund Havoc Partners has signed a 50% operating stake in four oil blocks in occupied Western Sahara with the territory's government in exile. One of those blocks contains the Gargaa site, where American oil firm Kosmos Energy will soon start to drill in collaboration with the Moroccan government.
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The Kosmos Energy platform has left Las Palmas17.12 - 2014
The drillship Atwood Achiever - which is to undertake drilling in waters of occupied Western Sahara - is no longer in Las Palmas and has vanished into thin air. Read more
Conflict platform arrived Las Palmas harbour 16.12 - 2014
The drillship 'Atwood Achiever' has today entered the port of Las Palmas, Canary Islands. There it will do its final adjustments before starting the drilling in occupied Western Sahara. Read more

Swedish government fund blacklists Agrium over Sahara imports15.12 - 2014
A Swedish fund today announced it has excluded the Canadian company Agrium from its portfolios due to "violations of human rights through imports of phosphates from occupied Western Sahara".Read more
The Kosmos Energy platform has entered occupied waters –WSRW condemns14.12 - 2014
The oil platform ‘Atwood Achiever' late last night entered the waters of occupied Western Sahara. “Kosmos Energy is to undertake the first drilling in Western Sahara ever. It is hard to imagine a more brutally unethical oil drilling, anywhere in the world”, WSRW states.Read more

News archive:
20.11 - 2014Conflict platform still not in Western Sahara
19.11 - 2014Luxembourg pension fund blacklists six firms over Saharan imports
12.11 - 2014The oil platform could arrive occupied Sahara in three days
07.11 - 2014San Leon bought its partner's interest in the "El Aaiun" oil block
03.11 - 2014Saharawi political prisoners speak out against Kosmos Energy
05.11 - 2014Controversy Kosmos to open supply base in Las Palmas?
03.11 - 2014Japanese pirates went under the radar
29.10 - 2014Sonntagzeitung: Glencore up against resistance
27.10 - 2014Kosmos chartered oil rig filmed bunkering in Namibia
27.10 - 2014Researchers: “A Sahara oil spill would head to the Canary Islands”
24.10 - 2014Oil drilling is illegal without Saharawi consent, Corell stresses
23.10 - 2014Contentious oil rig moving ever closer to occupied Western Sahara
22.10 - 2014Saharawi family lost home to Moroccan power line
18.10 - 2014Saharawis demonstrating against Kosmos Energy in occupied territory
17.10 - 2014Japanese pirate fishing vessels entered Saharawi waters


Morocco occupies the major part of its neighbouring country, Western Sahara. Entering into business deals with Moroccan companies or authorities in the occupied territories gives an impression of political legitimacy to the occupation. It also gives job opportunities to Moroccan settlers and income to the Moroccan government. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands foreign companies leave Western Sahara until a solution to the conflict is found.
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For dummies: Kosmos drilling in occupied Western Sahara


The US oil company Kosmos Energy and the Scottish company Cairn Energy will drill for oil offshore Western Sahara. It is clearly in violation of international law, according to the UN - and it destroys the UN peace efforts. Here is what you need to know.
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On 17 February 2013, in a mockery of justice, a Moroccan military court condemned 25 Saharawi citizens to shockingly tough prison sentences. Help us to release the Gdeim Izik 25.

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