This press release is one of the first initiatives of the network that took the form of Western Sahara Resource Watch, 6 August 2004.

Published 06 August 2004

See declaration on Australian imports made by the industry association.

Published 22 December 2007

A company document from 2007 reveals several of the oil firm\'s plans in the occupied territory.

Published 28 December 2007

Letter sent from the Saharawi Arabic Democratic Republic, 16. June 2006.

Published 16 June 2006

Campaigners from 19 European countries came together today to stop the European Union ratifying an Agreement which will violate international law and see European boats fishing in the waters of Africa’s last colony. Press release, 13 February 2006.

Published 13 February 2006

Following six years of negotiations and strained relations, Morocco and the European Union (EU) today finally signed a new but limited fisheries partnership agreement for the next four years. The new deal especially favours the Spanish and Portuguese fleets. Morocco, on the other hand, has used the last six years wisely to build its own modern fisheries industry. Afrol News, 28 July 2005.

Published 28 July 2005

Letter from the Sahrawi human rights activists and prisoners of conscience denounce EU fisheries and foreign oil industry in Western Sahara, 16 May 2006.

Published 16 May 2006

AN MEP today voiced his reservations over the outcome of a controversial Euro vote., 16 May 2006.

Published 16 May 2006

Press release from the Fish Elsewhere campaign, 16 May 2006.

Published 16 May 2006

EU governments have given final approval to a deal that will allow European trawlers to catch fish along Morocco's Atlantic coast. 

Published 22 May 2006

The EU has voted to steal fish from the displaced people of Western Sahara, writes columnist John Hilary, 17 May 2006.

Published 18 May 2006

The British Government has been condemned by War on Want and campaign groups from across Europe today for supporting a Fisheries Agreement that will allow European ships to fish off the coast of illegally occupied Western Sahara, despite claims that this violates international law. Sweden stood alone in opposing the Agreement though Finland, the Netherlands and Ireland conditioned their support with a statement that the Agreement should benefit the “local population” of Western Sahara. Press release by War on Want, 22 May 2006.

Published 22 May 2006

The exiled political leaders of Western Sahara have warned that a €144-million fisheries deal agreed by the EU and Morocco could spark civil unrest in the territory. Irish Times, 22 May 2006.

Published 22 May 2006

On 17 May, Mohamed Khaddad, a senior Polisario diplomat, declared an oil exploration licensing round for the waters offshore the Western Sahara at an oil industry and press gathering in London. Middle East International, 26 May 2006.

Published 26 May 2005

As the European Union (EU) is currently negotiating a new fisheries agreement with the government of Morocco, the exiled government of Western Sahara has voiced its concern over a possible inclusion of fisheries resources from the occupied territory in the deal. The Sahrawis call for "greater transparency and respect for international law" in the ongoing negotiations. Afrol News, 19 May 2005

Published 19 May 2005

Letter from Polisario representative in Europe to EU Fisheries Commissioner, 18 May 2005.

Published 18 May 2005

"Intended Activities by Companies in Western Sahara Against the Express Wish of the Indigenous Saharawi Population". Statement of 12 oct 2005.

Published 12 October 2005

Oil Companies Very Keen On Western Sahara Despite The Geopolitical Problems., 14 May 2005.

Published 14 May 2005

Letter from K. Scheele on behalf of the Intergroup on Western Sahara of the European Parliament to Commissioner Joseph Borg, DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, European Commission.

Published 06 July 2004

Statement from the Saharawi governmment

Published 01 November 2005

Statement from the Sahrawi government , 17 January 2006.

Published 17 January 2006

Statement from the Saharawi Arabic Democratic Republic, 6 January 2006.

Published 12 January 2006

“In an act of gross hypocrisy the Irish Government last week signed up to a deal between the EU and Morocco to rob the fishing rights of the people of Western Sahara - a nation occupied by Morocco - while at the same time issuing a statement claiming to support the right of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination”, An Problacht wrote on 1 June 2006.

Published 01 June 2006

Last week, the EU endorsed a fishing deal with Morocco. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that the deal includes the coastal waters of Western Sahara, a territory that has been occupied by Morroco for more than thirty years. The Brussels Journal, 25 May 2006.

Published 25 May 2006

The UK has said a new European fisheries agreement with Morocco will have to be closely monitored to ensure it does not break international law.

Published 23 May 2006

Interview with the UN's former legal chief, Hans Corell. Swedish Radio, Eko, 22 May 2006

Published 22 May 2006

Statement on EU-Morocco fisheries agreement by Mohamed Sidati, Minister Delegate for Europe, Polisario.

Published 22 May 2006

Kerr-McGee is pulling out of Western Sahara following pressure from activists pushing for Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) independence from Morocco.

Published 02 May 2006

New Zealand firm Ballance Agri-Nutrients is importing phosphates from Western Sahara, contributing in the financing and legitimation of the illegal occupation from the territory. Here is correspondence between the NZ firm and the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara.

Published 27 November 2008

Statement made by the Fertiliser Industry Federation of Australia (FIFA) regarding Western Sahara phosphate imports, 2008.

Published 29 July 2008

Article in Le Journal Hebdomadaire, 12 January 2005, on US oil company Kerr-McGee.

Published 12 January 2005

Here is the EU-Moroccan Fisheries Partnership Agreement that was signed in 2006, in several languages.

Published 15 December 2006

Regarding Norwegian government's ownership in US oil company Kerr-McGee.

Published 16 December 2004

Unknown author, published in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Published 22 December 2004

Kerr-McGee, the only remaining oil company operating on a Moroccan contract in occupied Western Sahara, is under strong pressure to follow three other companies that have left the territory, or face major divestments. The world\'s biggest public investment fund is believed to be in the process of selling out its shares in Kerr-McGee. Afrol, 24 December 2004.

Published 24 December 2004

Philippe Riché, of the French Association des Amis de la R.A.S.D in 2004 wrote a series of reports on the phosphate industry and general natural resources in the territory (in French).

Published 25 December 2004

Offshore: Thor in Hósvik has ended up in the world spotlight, after it has been known that the company has worked in an area that the whole world is boycotting. The company claims to not have known about the tense situation in the area, and has now no plans to continue in the area. Dimmalaetting (Faeroe Islands), 11 January 2005.

Published 11 January 2005

International campaign puts pressure on U.S. oil corporation profiting from Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara.

Published 03 March 2005

Report was published by the "The International Coalition for the Protection of the Natural Resources of Western Sahara" which was the former name of Western Sahara Resource Watch.

Published 13 January 2005

KERR-McGee remains unfazed by the growing row in Norway concerning the legitimacy of exploration activity off Western Sahara, the former Spanish colony under occupation by Moroccan forces. Upstream Online, 14 January 2005.

Published 14 January 2005

Analysis made in 2006 by the French association on the Fisheries Agreement (in French).

Published 26 May 2006

Shareholders focus of campaign to end Kerr-McGee's involvement in Occupied Western Sahara. Press release Feb 28th 2005. Also: letter to KMG shareholders.

Published 28 February 2005

Media clips of the Yara admissions of having imported phosphate from Western Sahara, 2005.

Published 16 December 2005

Newsclips regarding Kerr-McGee's renewal of contract offshore Western Sahara, May 2005.

Published 12 May 2005

The small Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara has won a great victory: the last Norwegian investor is now selling its stocks in the petroleum company Kerr-McGee. Aftenposten, 30 June 2005.

Published 30 June 2005

The day before the ethical guidelines of the Petroleum Fund enter into effect, the [Norwegian] Minister of Finance is presented allegations of clear violations of the guidelines.

Published 01 December 2004

KERR-McGee this week kicked off a massive 5000-kilometre 2D seismic sweep of its controversial Boujdour permit off Western Sahara, a territory claimed by Morocco, writes Barry Morgan. Upstream, 6 May 2004

Published 06 May 2004

Claims have been made that Norway\'s Oil Fund holds shares worth Nkr46.6 million ($7.6 million) in US oil company Kerr McGee, contrary to established ethical guidelines. Upstream, December 1st, 2004.

Published 01 December 2004

A PAIR of small British energy companies are squaring off against French and American multinationals in a conflict over oil in a barren corner of Northwest Africa.

Published 02 June 2004

Wessex Exploration is planning oil exploration in Western Sahara. Press release from Western Sahara Campaign UK.

Published 17 May 2004

Activists campaigning against what they dub premature exploration of the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara are preparing to turn up the heat on UK minnnow Wessex Exploration, writes Barry Morgan. Upstream, 28 May 2004.

Published 28 May 2004

The French oil giant Total (formerly TotalFinaElf) has announced its withdrawal from its controversial operations offshore Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara. The company claims there were no recoverable oil or gas deposits in the area.

Published 29 November 2004

FUGRO looks set to become the second seismic contractor to eat humble pie over involvement in exploration activity off the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Upstream, August 6, 2004.

Published 06 August 2004

This press release is one of the first initiatives of the network that took the form of Western Sahara Resource Watch, 30 June 2004.

Published 30 June 2004

This statement was sent to the Australian radio Pulse Radio, 10 January 2007.

Published 12 January 2007

Sent 1 June 2006. The letter was sent to CEO K. Wester, with copy to A.Jonkman.

Published 01 June 2006

Sent from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, on 8 June 2004, to the President and CEO of Fugro NV, Mr. Gert-Jan Kramer. Kosmos did, at the time, seismic surveys for Kerr-McGee offshore occupied Western Sahara.

Published 10 June 2004

The New Zealand company Ballance Agri-Nutrients has again bought phosphate rock from a Moroccan state phosphate company in occupied Western Sahara. The shipment arrived 3 December 2008, on the Israeli managed vessel 'White Diamond'.

Published 28 December 2008
Madeira has constructed a second artificial beach. Just as before, the sand is originating from occupied Western Sahara.
Published 26 December 2008
24th of December 2008, the oil reconnaissance contract held by the Irish oil company Island Oil & Gas for oil exploration in occupied Western Sahara expired. Today WSRW sent the company a letter demanding them to not renew their engagement.
Published 24 December 2008

The Swedish Trade Council has withdrawn a map from its homepages, showing Western Sahara as part of Morocco. The step was taken after correction from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Published 23 December 2008
Sent 13 December 2006, the day after Island Oil & Gas announced its contract with Moroccan authorities on occupied land in Western Sahara.
Published 23 December 2008
Published 21 December 2008
The Australian fertiliser company Incitec Pivot keeps maintaining its unethical practice of supporting the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. The imports were questioned during the company\'s Annual General Meeting on December 19th 2008.

Read also: New vessel heading for IPL
Published 21 December 2008
One giant vessel has just offloaded its cargo in the United States, and is now passing this river bend along the Mississippi.
Published 19 December 2008

The Swedish Green Party signs the international appeal from Western Sahara Resource Watch, WSRW, which demands that Western Sahara should be explicitly excluded if the EU and Morocco agrees on deepened cooperation.

Published 19 December 2008

Vessel Yasa Gulten to arrive New Zealand in Christmas week.

Published 19 December 2008

Incitec Pivot is receiving one more controversial phosphate shipment from occupied Western Sahara.

Published 21 December 2008
Two documents of the Pan-African Parliament, advisory organ of the African Union.
Published 14 December 2008
Read here the presentation of Former Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and the Legal Counsel of the United Nations, at conference in South Africa.
Published 12 December 2008

The former UN Legal Counsel, Ambassador Hans Corell, calls the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA) illegal. Western Sahara Resource Watch demands immediate halt of European plundering of occupied Western Sahara. PRESS RELEASE from WSRW.

Published 07 December 2008

The vessel Sea Lavender is here loading phosphates in occupied Western Sahara, destined for Mexican imports.

Published 07 December 2008

Communiqué on the Conference on Multilateralism and International Law with Western Sahara as case study Hosted by the South African Department of Foreign Affairs and the University of Pretoria, 4 and 5 December 2008.

See more details about the conference itself here.

Published 07 December 2008

No less than 426 organisations signed a petition letter, demanding from the EU Commission that occupied Western Sahara be kept clearly outside of the so- called Advanced Status cooperation that Morocco currently is being granted. The petition was sent to the EU Commission this morning. PRESS RELEASE.

Published 05 December 2008
South Africa to host the Conference on Multilateralism and International Law with Western Sahara as a Case Study, 4th to 5th of December 2008. One of the sessions will be on the role of natural resources in Western Sahara.
Published 01 December 2008
WSRW section Louisiana in October sent a letter to the US-Canadian fertiliser producer, PCS, demanding that they terminate its imports from Western Sahara. Two months later, WSRW still awaits a reply.
Published 30 November 2008

Two so-called reefers, or refrigerated ships, have recently visited El Aaiun harbour in occupied Western Sahara, for transport of frozen fish to Russia and China.

Published 30 November 2008

The Swiss flagged and managed vessel Celerina in November carried out a highly unethical phosphates transport from occupied Western Sahara to Louisiana, USA.

Published 30 November 2008

Two vessels are arriving New Zealand with phosphates from occupied Western Sahara first week of December.

Update: ....and here is one for Christmas.

Published 30 November 2008

Shortly before the Government of New Zealand changed, the former Minister of Trade, Hon Phil Goff, wrote two letters regarding the natural resource exploitation. Read them here.

Published 30 November 2008

The bulk vessel Furness Karumba arrived this port in Perth, Australia, in August.

Published 27 November 2008
The US fertilizer producer will make a decision on continued imports from the occupied territories in 2009.
Published 20 November 2008

In an extraordinary show of arrogance and disdain for representatives of civil society organizations, the Washington based law firm Covington & Burling flatly refuses to engage with the global solidarity network Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW) and this year's Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Human Rights Award laureate, Mrs. Aminatou Haidar. The US law firm is, because of a legal analysis it provided, the source the world phosphate industry refers to when they claim the phosphate trade from Western Sahara to be legal.

Published 24 November 2008

Several Swedish parliamentarians from one of the parties in the Swedish government, have motioned that the Swedish Government should work to prevent the EU from signing any new agreements or agreements of advanced status with Morocco "as long as the country occupies Western Sahara".

Published 19 November 2008
A global protest campaign, contesting occupied Western Sahara\'s inclusion in a Morocco-European Union (EU) free trade deal is gaining momentum. Today, South Africa\'s dominant labour union COSATU told the EU it was breaking international law by its planned inclusion of the territory. Afrol News, 17 November 2008.
Published 18 November 2008
Shareholders question Wesfarmers over divestment by ethical fund-holders. Phosphate importations from Western Sahara to blame. Press release, 14 November 2008
Published 14 November 2008
The fertilizer company Yara remains under investigation by Norwegian police after having purchased a shipload of phosphates from occupied Western Sahara.
Published 12 November 2008
Zakhar Sorokin, November 2008.
Published 10 November 2008

BASF, the German chemical company who imported Western Saharan phosphates early October, wrote that they "are fully confident that the operations of OCP at Boucraa and the purchase of the replacement delivery were consistent with international law". But after request from WSRW, they refuse to publish their “expert opinion” upon which their conclusion is based. To clarify further aspects of the unpublished report, they refer to a US law firm.

Published 19 November 2008
The Executive Board of The Liberal Party of Norway demands that Western Sahara be excluded from EU\'s cooperation with Morocco.
Published 09 November 2008

Read the report on the international trade union delegation to occupied Western Sahara from 17th to 22nd of February 2008.

Published 09 November 2008